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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Better Than A Canary

So on Monday and Tuesday, I went for Stock Challenge 2011. I've talked and complained about it to death on my Tumblr so I really don't see the point in repeating things over and over again but for the sake of things, I'll just briefly summarize what we did. And by briefly summarize, I meant write down a couple hundred words or so. 

I was kind of nervous, actually, because I don't know what the hell a Stock Challenge entails or what it's supposed to entail and someone said it changes every year but I found out later on that that's obviously not true. Plus, I know next to nothing about stocks. But I went anyways and sat next to Amirah in the bus (bus partner forever) and when I first stepped foot inside school, Hanna looked at me weirdly because I had only my tote with me. Nothing compared to Tuesday's stares but we'll get back to that later.

We arrived later than most of the other schools because our bus had to pick up students from two other schools and there was the early morning traffic to go through but after breakfast, we headed up to this auditorium place and they gave us a really good explanation about the game and how stocks work and basically everything we needed to know for the next two days. The facilitators were these Canadian people who were quite amusing, actually, and by that, I meant funny, not in a Malaysian way, so thank God for that. Like, I remember this guy who gave us that talk on answering Geography questions for PMR and he kept making these Godawful jokes. Kind of dirty jokes, actually. Anyways, back to the Canadians, they were funny, and sometimes in a kind of self-deprecating way that I kind of appreciate. 

We had to form groups of three and everyone from the other schools seem to have no problems but for some reason, our school just kept going back and forth on the matter but in the end, I got saddled with Aida and Amirah. Oh, sorry, I meant I just... they were my group, yeah. And thank God for that! We make a good team! Our group's called The Rising Sun Brokers and we weren't flashy or anything and our costume was just a sunny headband and yellow shirts (not to mention the disaster that was our sign but I'll get back to that later). 

Back to school at four thirty and the next day was the official Stock Challenge. Each round opens with them giving us newspapers with headlines and news on different companies (there were 20 companies we could choose to invest in) and we can choose to buy/sell stocks and we were given a thousand dollars and the group that made the most money out of that thousand by the end of the day wins. Or something like that. It was a lot of work and freaking hectic, especially at the trading lines, but damn it if it wasn't the most fun way ever to learn about the stock market. Amirah and I, at least, had a blast. We arrived super late on Tuesday, the latest, I think, and we were supposed to wear our "costumes" from home so, yes, I received a few stares and a dozen or so questions in the PR about my attire but I just showed them my Stock Challenge card. I don't think they knew what to make of anything so I let it be. 

Super huge Violet appreciation text because she replaced me for two days in a row!

Back to the Challenge. Aida wasn't allowed to handle glitter at her house so we had to glitterfy the sign board minutes before the whole thing started and we were supposed to stick clouds on as well but apparently sticky tack doesn't stick on cloth. Who knew? So the clouds kept falling off and Aida and I were painted head to toe in glitter but we started the thing anyways. And by the end of the day? Ten times profit! The winning team made about twelve thousand or thirteen and we made ten! It's not winning, not by a short shot, but hell, so freaking proud of us! 

Came back to school and watched the Blues practice their aerobics for a few minutes before my Dad came around. Planted my bean plants, returned to school today and Study Frenzy 2011, as I have mentioned, starts today. Or around about this time. Oh, you know me. 

Anyways, I'd just like to say that that was one experience I'm not willing to forget or let go of for a long time. Why can't prefects camp be that fun? I mean, I have memories of it, of course, but it's mostly of me explaining to people how utterly terrified I am of heights. I hope we don't have to climb much in Pangkor. I mean, hopefully, the only thing under us would be water or something. 

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