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Saturday, March 19, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

i. On Tuesday, we had a lot of plans for the sleepover. It was supposed to be a pirate themed sleepover and we were going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and have meatballs and chips for dinner and play lots of games like Twister and stuff. Instead, it was a mishap of everything that ever mishapped. I had invited Nadiah to come along to go to MBPJ with Nisa and I but she had went along by herself on Monday (she ended up going to the wrong building, anyways - in your face; that's what you get for not answering your phone) so Nisa's mother went with us instead. Oh, and Intan. It was awkward at first because we were so at a lost for what to do but then we saw other people and apparently MBPJ were so ready for us. 

Anyways, the sleepover itself was fun. Others in attendance aside from Nisa and I (and Afreena, of course, it is her house) were Nadiah and Intan and Raihan. We watched Across the Universe and had meatballs (the gravy was nice, the meatballs, not so much). I haven't watched that in a long time. I don't know why everyone was so grossed out by the semi-nude scenes. I myself have never been squeamish about things like that but I guess you hang around Tumblr long enough and have a couple dozen porn blogs Follow you and it's all fair game. The morning after was boring for the most part because I accidentally logged onto Tumblr (force of habit - that's like the first thing I'd go to when I switch on the iPod in the morning) and once I'm there, I can't just go anywhere without scrolling down and checking a few pages back, right? Big mistake because the first thing, right at the top, was the Kliss and I was in a state of shock. I literally couldn't move from under the bed. Kind of thought it was a manipulation but then I saw some comments and wow. Biggest mistake of my life. But that got me through the mundane morning. Couldn't stop smiling during breakfast and I think people thought I was in a crazier mood than usual. And then, of course, after we played Twister and Nadiah went home, everyone wanted to watch a horror movie and when it got kind of too freaky for words, I stopped watching, found a flipped YouTube video on Tumblr and watched the Kliss scene. Several times. And then Nisa and I watched the episode (after, you know, a few problems with downloading the thing - it wasn't our house, after all). Went home in high spirits. 

ii. Hanna and I went out yesterday and it was fun. I mean, it's the epitome of Hanna and Hafizah time. We rarely do anything different at all. Just browse around shops, talk about a few new things or maybe we'd talk about the same things but with different input. Mostly we talked about people and what they were wearing. Hanna bought some stuff, I bought a book. We had lunch at Paddington's House of Pancakes, my home away from home and Hanna hung out at my house for a while afterwards because her parents were off to work. I forced her to watch Glee and then we massacred my EW magazine and stuck them on my wall. Now when I wake up, I can see Darren and Chris staring down at me. 

Also, I named myself Darren And Chris on my phone and I send myself text messages. Occasionally. 

iii. Had Drama on Thursday. Helena wasn't there so it was kind of not as fun as it could be but other than practice, we just read a few things out loud and watched American Idol. That is honestly it. 

iv. Curve with Raihan and Afreena and Nisa today. We ran a little late, so instead of a movie, we just went to Redbox and had a light brunch beforehand. It wasn't all that memorable because we've done better. I think it's the time constraint and also, the rain which made my feet and hair wet. It's been raining a lot lately. I drank too much as usual and I think I should stop taking iced drinks because I've been indulging myself too much these days with ice cream and frozen yogurt and all of that. I'm getting a sore throat. 

Nisa's parents got us lunch and now I'm home. I'm so tired, actually. It doesn't feel like I've had that much of a rest. My Dad wants to go somewhere tomorrow since it is the last day of the holidays. I can't, though. After a solid week packed with going out and stuff, I got to settle down and get started on that homework.

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