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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we don't want it; we want pleasure

Can you believe I actually cried watching this shit?

It's like I don't know how Elia does it. She seems so cavalier about everything. She's like "Oh, fuck Malaysia for not supporting homosexuality". And then there's Kai who's actually about as gay as I am and she's saying how she doesn't support gay rights and would much rather stand up against anti-Muslim super prejudiced bigots. Like, doesn't Elia care that she might be tortured to the bone in hell? Doesn't Kai care that people who act even remotely gay get as much crap as those who wear headscarves? Am I supposed to care because of my views on my own personal sexuality? Shouldn't I be totally a hundred percent against it because of my religion?

And I'm just sitting here in the middle wondering why the hell do I have to deal with any of this in the first place.

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