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Monday, March 14, 2011

Under the Bridge

So basically what today was was this:
Denise: I'm home, guys!
Everyone: Yay! 
Denise: And I want everyone to help me with my photography assignment!
Everyone: Yay! 
Denise: We're going to Cameron Highlands! 
Everyone: What? 
Denise: Oh, wait, I change my mind. We're going to Bukit Tinggi!
Everyone: What? 
My Dad, my brother and his wife and his kids and I left for Bukit Tinggi this morning. Brother had the day off. And the whole helping Denise out with her assignment took a short while. After that, my family and I went off to explore the wonders of Bukit Tinggi. 

I've been there once when I was younger so I might be doing some comparisons. I wasn't all that adventurous, even as a child, and so when they offered to take me to the smelly horse rides or play paint ball or whatever, I would refuse. I do remember going to the rabbit place, though. Twice. Because even as a child, I loved animals. Especially fluffy ones!

Bukit Tinggi, An Experience
OR This Crap Hole: What Locals and Tourists Alike Should Expect

The rabbit place is so not worth it. First off, I know that generally all touristy places are like this, but what is up with 8 dollars for a can of Coke? Who the fuck would buy that? Apparently, some people would, because there was this dumbass who bought it for his daughter. I mean, I don't know, right, his daughter could be like dying of thirst or something but she was barely two years old, if that; shouldn't they have brought along her water bottle? And the rest of the food was overpriced, too, ergo I don't think anyone has bought them for a while because they're sort of like hung on shelves like ornaments or something, which leads one to wonder when their expiry date is. Or was. 

There used to be so much more rabbits. I'm not sure what happened to them. My Dad said that perhaps they slaughtered the lot for food or maybe they just died off because the place was filthy? I don't know. Nor do I care, actually, because as much as I feel sorry for the rabbits and love them and their fluffiness and all, the place really was disgusting. The worst part, I must say, has got to be the fact that I couldn't shake off the smell of rabbit poop for the whole day. The rabbits mostly run away from you if you approach them but some are pretty stationary. As in, they look like they're inches away from death's door. There was this place further off where the younger rabbits are kept and there's signs saying things like "Two months old", "Two weeks old", and "Two days old" but I don't think they're legit at all because the cage for two-day olds was filled by a mama rabbit and some fur and the two-weeks old cage was filled by one of the largest rabbits I have ever seen. 

There was a kids play area at which Iza and Kimi played for a while. There were small slides and a ball pit filled with the minimum amount of balls allowed for a legit ball pit. Also, pony rides. I think Iza went for a ride but I wasn't sure. What locals can get out of this place: nothing they can't get out of going to a pet store. What tourists can get out of this place: the smell of rabbit poop. 

Colmar Tropicale is this replica of a "French town" which actually looks like something out of a movie set, so that part's cool. There's this sort of moat thing at the bottom and there are swans and fishes but sadly the place wasn't decorated nicely and even if you just wanted to take pictures, there were mostly just wires and stubborn vines wrapping around things they shouldn't be wrapped around. The village as a whole, though, was quite sad so I don't know why people would vacation there. Everything's overpriced (RM12 for a Cornetto) and this restaurant didn't serve anything under RM50. There were mostly artsy fartsy stuff children might enjoy. Or, you know, people who don't get out of the house much. 

There was this, um, sort of like a rockettes show thing. I forgot what it was called. Although I distinctly remember the words "Russian Roulette" being stamped across the stage but that didn't make much sense because Russian Roulette's a game involving guns. And a Rihanna song. But, anyways, super uncomfortable because one of the girls looked like she was fourteen or something. However, I really liked watching the guy. I will admit, flat out, that I will fall in love with any gay-looking guys who can move their hips. (Probably why I like Maze.) (Kidding.) 

And there's this huge tower at the end and you climb out, look out across the whole village, and go down again. Don't worry, though, there's an elevator! What locals can get out of this place: shirtless gay guys who can move their hips! And I guess the whole place is really gorgeous so taking pictures there is a great idea. Bow down to Denise, etc. What tourists can get out of this place: maybe you could just go to an actual French village in France instead? 

Then we walked up the steepest slope in the history of steep slopes just to get to the junction that separates the Japanese Tea House from the Botanical Gardens. And then you just basically have to walk some more. The thing is, the Japanese Tea House trail thing was really nice. It was like being bitch slapped by a gust of oxygen, so that's cool, because you don't really get that anywhere else. And then you get to this place where you can rent kimonos for twenty bucks and take pictures and that's it, basically. I'd actually recommend going here. I myself would only have gone if I had nothing else to do which, given the fact that I have tons of fanfiction at my fingertips, is not anytime soon. I really like the whole place. Maybe when I have my own house later on, I'd have a Japanese garden. With a pond and everything. Of course it costs a lot and it's probably just a breeding ground for mosquitoes and... other flying things, so probably not, but I can still keep up the hope. No harm done. 

The Botanical Gardens was boring. I know nothing about botany so I can't judge it based on its merits in that aspect but I'm no Neville Longbottom. Anyways, the whole place was crawling with flying things (I hope they were insects, at least) and so I got out of there pretty quickly. The smell of flowers and leaves sort of block out the smell of oxygen, though, so I definitely didn't enjoy it as much. What locals can get out of this place: um. I don't know. I myself was very bored. And you have to constantly keep on walking and walking. Really boring. What tourists can get out of this place: I'm sure unlike us Malaysians, you guys actually exercise more than once a month. Or at least the ones who go to places like these do. So tourists will enjoy the Jap garden, not so much the Botanical one, but overall, you get to walk a lot and smell trees and if that's what you came here to do then hell yeah! 

Overall, I enjoyed the car ride the most. Journey's the best part and all that. Also, I hate all my friends. It's not that I haven't established this enough over the past couple of years but really, sometimes it has got to be said.

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