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Friday, March 4, 2011


I had wanted to do a post on American Idol Season... well, whatever season it is right now, but I watched the Results show yesterday (which, by the way, is getting more and more ridiculous because what the fuck? Like an hour in, and there's only three people confirmed to be in the Top 10 or whatever) and after that fifteen year old Steven Tyler suck up Lauren Alaina (does she dress herself or does someone else do it because whoever puts her in anything and everything she wears should be sentenced to death row, my God) and previously, I only got a chance to watch like Robbie Rosen's performance for Guy's night and the last few performances for Girl's Night because I really can't be bothered.

I pity Randy because now that Kara and Simon are gone, he has to take up all the slack and can't just go around saying "That was hot, dog!" (although he still occasionally pulls this out) (hot dog; that was on purpose) and therefore, he's starting to make a lot more sense than he used to. I think Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez just flip a coin during someone's performance to decide if they like it or not because I have no clue what the judges were listening to, but it wasn't what I was listening to (the boundaries between live and television can only be used as an excuse so much).

Here's what I know of the Top 24. Girls: Ta-Tynisa (chose to sing Only Girl in the World, fell flat on her face [metaphorically] and not going anywhere because I haven't seen her face enough before this), Naima (I like her voice but wow, that was just painful to listen to and JLo calls her an exotic flower, which is apparently what her name means, but come on), Kendra Chantelle (ridiculous name and way too blonde for my taste. Has a good voice, doesn't stand out and overall, just very, very bland. Good cannon fodder, methinks), Rachel (obviously, I like her but the judges don't - or they don't think mainstream America will, so whatever. She's good and if it's in the cards, then she'll do well for herself), Karen (what a stupid, stupid song choice and a stupid, stupid song. Oh, my God, I can't get over the fact that she sang Hero, oh, my God), Lauren Turner (I guess somewhere along the way, I confused her with Karen but never mind. While I have caved in to the possibility that there will be no good songs ever sung on this show [you've just realized? Really?], I liked her performance more than all the others so far but that's not really saying much), Ashton (she sounds like a nice person, but a boring singer/performer), Julie (would it kill this girl to buy a pair of pants? Does she sleep in cutesy knee length dresses? Does she realize how much she sucks? And will people ever learn not to try to recreate a Kelly Clarkson, Goddammit?), Haley (is the perfect example of how her weaknesses actually work for her. Her voice isn't pitch perfect but she's got some power to back it up. Too bad she sang that stupid song, holy hell), Thia (is so cute and has a nice voice that I really like but if that were a concert of hers, people would be leaving and asking for their money back), Lauren Alaina (trash), Pia (best performance, vocally, but once again, that song).

I didn't watch anything of the guys (except for Robbie) but I did watch that little recap they had at the end of the show which has little three seconds or something of all of the performances and that's better than watching the whole thing anyways so I'm going to judge the only way I know how: unfairly. Clint (nice glasses, hate the voice but it's not a bad voice so there's that. It's just a bad song choice [they should make a book with this title]), Jovany (how do you pronounce that? I don't know what he looks like, much less sound like, so yeah), Jordan (no props. No props for trying, no props for the song, no props for the way he moves across the stage, and definitely, definitely NO PROPS for the arrangement. What the hell was that? That was almost as bad as Julie Zorilla's Breakaway arrangement [which was really bad]?), Tim Halperin (who?), Brett (why do I like this guy? But, anyways, he doesn't make the Top 13 which is REALLY sad because I just want to watch him whip his hair again and plus, so many homeless jokes, wasted), James Durbin (or as I used to call him, Lambert McTail. I realized now that he isn't all that similar to Adam at all except for maybe the voice because while Adam's more theatrics, he's actually more rock, but still. They marketed him and labeled him as Adam 2.0 and that's not cool, man, so all his fans go into the big box of suck by default), Robbie (glad he's out because then he could focus on a life that's not ruined by Idol, although getting this far has tainted that perfect life somewhat. He has a nice voice but the problem is he's got to work on controlling it better, especially whenever he switches registers because it's just not smooth and therefore, not nice to listen to. You can tell he is the only person I really listened to, that's so obvious), Scotty (whatever), Stefano (I surprisingly like him? I mean, not a perfect performance but I like it for no Goddamn reason), Paul (he's okay, I guess. I don't mind him, which is a huge plus since he's moving on and all), Jacob (holy shit, props for not making me hate this song. Anyways, he's the best singer out of all the guys, in my opinion but I don't see people actually voting for him, which is sad, so hopefully he pulls out all the stops next week!), Casey (yeah, I don't think anyone can hate this guy).

Top 13 (ugh): Scotty (not surprised), Lauren Alaina (why I stopped watching last night and why I'll probably not watch until she gets the boot), Pia (so scared she wasn't going to get in after Lauren but yay!), Karen, Jacob, Casey, Thia (kudos for apparently having a favorite item of clothing), Paul (his blazer!), Haley, James, (Rachel and Brett will be missed but on the bright side, no more knee length dresses from Zorilla! Here are the wild cards), Ashton and Stefano (really?), and Naima (America, for shame [for not voting for her yourselves, that is).

Hey, as if I couldn't get any more uncool by talking about the shit that is American Idol Season... well, I still haven't bothered to figure this out yet, I am literally just jumping up and down because I can't get over how much I really, really, really, really love this. I mean, like I know the original but I didn't really like it because I guess it's too jumpy for my liking but I really, really, really like this. I mean, I can't stop smiling, and that's saying a lot since I just finished semi-recapping Idol for all of my readers (all two of you guys!). I had a lovely breakfast this morning and then immediately after, Hel and I logged onto LJ to find this and it is magnificent. Like seriously.

I am rather curious as to how the song selection process goes nowadays. I mean, they used to pull up some really good songs from way back when and mix in some show tunes (although, that gets rarer and rarer by the episode) and some Top 40 in there to balance things out but now, it seems as if they're just pulling songs out of fucking nowhere. Like, I'm not saying I knew all of the Season 1 Glee songs before Glee covered it (but I would say the ratio's probably 90:10 on that front) but like half of the Season 2 songs, I haven't ever even heard of the original singers (maybe half is an exaggeration but as somebody pointed out, they went from Somebody to Love by Queen to Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber [and they butchered the Bieber version so...]). This is my head!canon: song selectors or whoever does that read some Klaine vore fic somewhere on the Net and just Google searched cannibal + more than friends and this is what they got!

I haven't done any audio editing in a while (last time I got involved in anything even remotely resembling was back when I was thirteen - wow, it feels weird to say that) so I could be just embarrassing myself here but I don't see why everyone's lashing out at the vocals. I mean, you record anything in a studio and they're bound to edit it someway or another so whatever. I just really like it (and it has been stuck on repeat for a while now) and, yeah, I'll admit the layering is like really ridiculous in some places but it doesn't ruin the whole song, you know.

This has been a post about American Idol and Glee. Do I watch any other shows? I don't really know (not at the moment. I'm waiting for everything to end and I'll start watching some during the summer) (we don't have summer, I was talking about America's summer).

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