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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interlude 37

Oh, you know what I find utterly hilarious? The fact that sometimes all I can remember is how close we were and yet other times (like today) all I could think of is, "Wait. We're actually friends?" because it's easy to forget, for like half a dozen seconds, that despite not being depressingly attached at the hips, we still talk and hang out (ish). It's just that I forget that sometimes.

Moving on. You know what's nice, though? (And, yes, I realize I keep asking 'you' questions and here 'you' are, just reading on). Hanging out with friends. Like yesterday, after some hassle and confusion set to the backdrop of our ridiculously useless and couldn't-care-less friendship, Afreena and Nisa and I headed to Ikea/Ikano/Curve and spent almost the entire non-school day there.

It's just nice, you know. Hanging out at McDonald's, hanging out while having frozen yogurt, planning sleepovers and browsing through toys and reenacting (500) Days of Summer at Ikea. Ate too much crap but that was all right. Didn't have anything but a twenty in my pocket but we didn't buy much anyways (the only solid purchase any of us made was the streamers Afreena bought for the sleepover. Here's to hoping that's actually happening). While talking to Nisa isn't how I would choose to spend all of my time on a deserted island doing (mostly credited to the fact that she seems to take my 'libbiness' too seriously, or I don't know, maybe I'm taking her too seriously?) and while Afreena is all shades of weird and we don't really have anything to talk about other than my insulting her Korean fixation, it was still nice. Crazy nice.

And out with Maze, Elizah and Syaz for coffee was nice as well. It feels awkward, being the youngest (and shortest) and all of that, but I get used to being the shortest basically everywhere I go. It's an easy adjustment.

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