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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With Catastrophic Conclusions

Last night and today was just so good, I just feel compelled to write about it. So, Helena came by for a sleepover and I know I don't talk about the affairs of my friends a lot but for those of you who are in the dark about this subject, Helena's switched schools from one very stupid and expensive private school to an equally stupid but not as expensive international school (and she's been somewhat entertaining me with her explanations as to the differences between the two because I honestly have never been able to understand) and the international school which will remain unnamed because of security purposes is located kind of far away. I have only seen her a total of one time this year and that was today and yesterday and let me tell you guys something: Cheesus and all that is beyond, I have missed Hel so much, it is just impossible to put into words. 

We didn't do much last night other than played a few card games and then we started talking about school which got us started on doing my homework (true friends help you with your homework, not ask you to do it for them. Funny thing I learned last year was that when it's not mine and I don't have to hand it in or worry about the deadlines, I have absolutely nothing against homework. God knows I've helped out Maze tons of times with his, which is probably why I'm rather uncomfortably intimate with the Form 3 curriculum) and I finished all of it (excluding the stupid English presentation which the other four members of my group should be worried about, too, but when it comes to shove, I'll probably end up redoing all of my crappy work anyways). In a sense, the sleepover was pretty darn productive. 

Slept late at night just talking about things and reading fanfiction. Today was basically that, too, talking and reading really random fanfiction and listening and dancing around to Glee radio (I am still pissed off that I can't sing anymore). When Hel got home, I still had the speakers turned up and my Dad went upstairs and we had a conversation centering around Chris Colfer's voice that ended with me in tears. I was trying to convince him that it wasn't Mariah Carey singing (don't ask about that - my Dad isn't normal). They were, at most, tears of mirth. 

I think I'm going out tomorrow with Nisa and Afreena. We will see how that goes. My holidays have been pretty unproductive so far and it sucks a lot because I just kept thinking that I should be doing something but I haven't done anything at all. I think they aired the SAG awards last year on Star World, but I can't be fucked to check; at any rate, it was a good call not to air it this year since the whole thing was just dumb and uncomfortable as fuck. I can't remember a single movie or show that won (although I think The King's Speech won something so huzzah!). Also, Modern Family! I have no idea what other shows were nominated for what category but was Mad Men nominated? And if so, they didn't win a single thing yet again, which just sucks all the balls in the world. The only great thing about the red carpet cover was, I don't know, Armie Hammer being all Armie-Hammer-y. And tall. 

I have been exposed to tons of Glee fanfiction lately (again, must I tell? Because they are all very uncomfortable and I'd rather keep them secret) and while, like with Harry Potter, there are certain areas I tend to lean more towards (crazy!Rachel centric fics as well as heaps and heaps of anything revolving around Kurt - I have now a new type of fondness for Kinn but most of the Hevans fics I've read so far are quite... awkward), I think I've definitely found one of my favorites. Or maybe it's just going to stay my favorite for a while. Also, as per the suggestions of nobody at all, I started reading Dalton a while back but now I've decided to stop because... well, it's never good to mix fluff with angst. Not many people could pull that off and not many people should even try. That's all I have to say on the matter. 

That was kind of mean. Not everyone has to be a good writer to be a good storyteller. It's just that sometimes I think some things get blown way out of proportions. Not judging, though, because I'm way past that. 

Awesome Monday and Tuesday for me this week. How about the rest of the universe? I wonder how they're doing. 

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