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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ode To Def Leppard

The road to watching Glee is paved with hell and all manner of interesting yet totally irrelevant incidents. Elia and I had originally planned on watching it together (as in, she'll load hers up and I'll load mine and we will chat with each other via the online medium that is Tumblr about our thoughts and feelings) but her computer turned off without her consent and she received several splinters to the foot. I, apparently, lost my calculator (R.I.P., then) and had asked my Dad to help me search for it.

An adventure filled with mystery and intrigue! The perfect way to officially start off my evening. Since Megavideos is and always will be a bitch, loading takes no more than a few minutes but then it only loads until so far and you have to Refresh the page and do it all over again so I decided that, well, might as well search for the elusive calculator. The first stop I made in my search was the cabinet next to my brother's bedroom which had all his junk in it. I poked around and opened the cabinet doors and that led to the pitcher of water on the cabinet tipping and spilling all over the sides. Plastic pitcher was thankfully unharmed but the same couldn't be said about the fabulously high-maintenance wooden floors we have so I had to rush downstairs like three times to get three towels.

We didn't find the calculator, obviously, but I did find some other interesting things like my bra, which I had been looking for for like a couple of weeks now (situated among the few rugs I kept under my bed). Also, my tie, the recent and cleaner one, which I found stuck between the headboard and my mattress. Regardless of the fact that I had to fork up forty dollars for a new calculator, it was still great old fun adventure time. What followed was the weirdest maybe-an-hour-or-maybe-not-but-it-all-comes-down-to-me-not-bothered-with-checking-the-time ever. With ado, I'd like to talk about the post SB Glee episode that had a really long title. Because This Is My Blog™.
  • Embarrassing confession: I seriously thought this was a Ryan Murphy episode. I was preparing myself for an all-out, all hands on deck, Ryan Murphy spectacular. But, um, oops. Yes, awkward all around for me. Brad Falchuk directed the episode and... um, wow, I really, really hated the directing in California Girls (I want to spell it like a normal human being would. Should.). Written by Ian Brennan, I'm surprised I didn't enjoy the Sue plot. By the way, California Dream was what I nearly wrote. 
  • And um, guys, the incidental music? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? My first thought was that they put it there because at the start of it all, that was one of the main attractions of Glee, this new and 'different' and 'differently marketed' television show and now it's SB night and all of that, they decided to bring it back to... attract the newcomers? I just. It's just. I would have been happier if this were done consistently and not just THROWN in there for the sake of being there because I have to admit, I would have put something a touch more dramatic on during the scene when the girls walked out all decked up in their football gear. But then again, that's what makes Glee... Glee. Still. Consistency. 
  • It's been a while since I've admitted to the fact that Finn/Quinn is one of my OTPs for the show. Maybe it's because portmanteaus of Finn/Quinn is Finn. And Quinn. So people just avoid talking about them if they could help it. But I get that they're trying to bring that back and it was... well, I won't say it worked, exactly. It didn't. I mean, Sam is the flattest character I've ever born witness to onscreen (other than a few really nice window panes but maybe they had more dimension?) but I don't want him to go through what Finn went through. Who taught these kids what romance meant, anyway, because they can't get past a single relationship without cheating on each other? Since Tartie is endgame, please make the Asian Fusion breakup as painless and with as little casualties as possible (but, hey, it's Tina and Mike - not like they get much lines anyway, right, so why worry?). 
  • I won't even mention Finn's cheerleading of Quinn, Santana and Brittany to choose Glee in the episode. Seriously, can't touch that. 
  • Max Adler should have won an Emmy and an Academy Award and a whole bunch of other accolades like, last year. 
  • By the way, trying to ease in the football players by singing a song about need originally sung by people who go by Lady Antebellum? I mean, nothing against them, but, you know. 
  • The thing I can really admire about this episode (aside from the whole Glee and football thing which kind of worked in a nonsensical plotline kind of way) is the pacing. Nothing segued into anything awkwardly. This doesn't make up for the plot and the lines, though, but it makes it more tolerable. 
  • I will now proceed to laugh at all of the fanfictions I have read thus far. Anyways, Kurt + coffee + Blaine, equals to Kurt CoBlaine and all of that equals to I really loved that scene. Wow, I guess Ian has a thing for Klaine platonic dates plus Mercedes but now they brought Rachel along and gosh, how cute was she in this episode? Rachel's not really his strong point so I am so proud of everything Rachel chose to be tonight. And Tina! AND TINA! 
  • When I first heard the Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up, I thought it was a travesty. But I guess in performance the song was more than adequate (I find the tempo and the sudden jump from one song to the next a little bit unsettling but everyone else seemed to truly enjoy this song so I'll just chalk it up to a case of personal preference). I don't even care about Karofsky anymore because he was just so freaking cute weird, so freaking WEIRD in this episode. Not only is he gay, apparently, he's also bipolar. 
  • From what I heard of the spoilers (just kidding - I read that gleeforum thread so technically, I know everything), Wednesday's (Southeastern Asian time) episode is going to be... well, I can say with absolute certainty that I cannot wait for it. The entire plot sounds so stupid and ridiculous and from what I understand, I understand absolutely nothing about the Finn/Quinn/Sam thing because it made absolutely no sense at all, highlighted or not. I am holding out hope, though, because Brad Falchuk. I have to hear the dialog to judge (but, yeah, I have already judged the Klaine scenes). 
  • Conclusion: Quinn Fabray is the biggest whore I have ever seen on television.
Last night, Maze once again humored me by reading along with some fanfictions I had recommended to him. My friends are nice like this. It's not exactly that angst-ridden, emotionally driven, concise character analyses, and fluffy gay fanfics (with ultraviolet prose - say what you will) are what they're all into, but it tingles my happy spot (well, that came out entirely wrong) that they are willing to read them for me regardless. Because I return the courtesy just as easily considering they all have pretty kick-ass taste in online, fan-generated reading materials (even though some of the things Debbie sends me are anime and I honestly have no idea what went on in the fic in the first place, but good writing is good writing) and my aren't we getting carried away with this paragraph? 

Anyways, I'm starting up the habit of texting people in the dead of night again, which was a bad thing I developed sometime in December but I stopped once school started. There's just something about Sunday nights, the night right before a major return to school on Monday that makes me want to stay up all night. Hanna asked me why and I was surprised to have articulated a coherent answer: because I don't want to feel like I had wasted the last precious hours of my holidays on sleep. Sleep is vital, all that shit, but a few cups of coffee later and you really start to think otherwise, you know. Maze doesn't reply to my texts because apparently he couldn't afford to pay the (oh, my God, I know what you're thinking: is this girl for real? Yes. Yes, she is) bills. (-bills, bills). 

Things I Texted Maze While Reading Gay Fanfiction at Around Two Till Five AM In the Morning.
Complete with things I misspelled and common punctuation rules I chose to ignore. 
and you'd think there would be boobs involved by there aren't! Oh my I love gay people love it! 
(i) How do you kiss someone sweetly?
(ii) Is it like a sweet taste in your mouth or what?
(iii) pour some sugar on me
(iv) in the name of love c'mon fire me up!
(v) or however that song goes.

In my defense, this was way better than the lyrics I had sent to Nadiah that one time. 
(i)What time is it?
(ii) I think it's getting late because every word I read starts to look like 'gay'. 
(i) From him: Your hair smells weird.
(ii) What are you talking about
(iii) it smells like klainebows. 
I am sitting here waggling my yebrows in front of my iPod god I am such a pervert. 
(i) wait did that thing just MOVE
(ii) aw shit it was a gif apologies man. 
all I want out of life is chris Colfer's eyeball. Just one is fine. 
I'll be the brad falchuk to your seriously hot bucket of awesome sauce! 
(i) Remember that one time when I went around telling people can't touch this?
(ii) maze you cannot
(iii) touch this 
Phone conversation.
Me: Oh, shit, I nearly called you Kurt, sorry.
Maze: It's okay, I nearly called you Blaine. - Oh, my God.
Me: Oh, my God, Sally!
Maze: Oh, my God, Harry!
And then I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up, got dressed, had more coffee and all of this occurred without a hitch. My parents didn't find out about my (technically, I can call this an) all nighter and I went to school as perked up as usual (side effects of the caffeine but whatever). The school day, however, was less satisfying than my all night gayfest. I think I'll save it up for a later post because I already like this one as it is. 

My Dad is home and he is sure to be bringing in my handy, dandy new calculator! The fifth one since I started high school! 

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