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Monday, January 17, 2011

Setting the Feminist Movement Back

2011 Golden Globes 
A.K.A. The Night My Mother and I Fapped To Angelina Jolie (yeah, I did just go there)

Extreme, EXTREMELY biased here: Mad Men, Inception and all my babies (you know who they are). You know, awards season is never really the season to get your hopes up (which I can probably just take into my personal life as well, I guess - no getting your hopes up in January and February, but sadly this year the fucked up school calendar has made the March exams on the very last day of February followed by two days into March, so whatever really. There is no denying genius.) so I was obviously expecting the worst. The only thing (the only thing) I was really happy with was Chris Colfer's win because, hey, it's my baby, you know, and what are you going to do about it? Extreme bias has already started.

Funny thing: I actually forgot whether I like Ricky Gervais or not. Judging him by hosting the Golden Globes probably wouldn't be doing anyone favors. And another thing: is it just me, or does the whole thing make me really want to watch Burlesque? It's not exactly my kind of movie (I don't know whose kind of movie it is, to be honest) but my mother wants to watch it as well (Cher!). It looks like it's supposed to, I guess - from all the previews, I mean. So whatever. If my sister ever buys the DVD, I'll watch it (just like I watched Nine - which wasn't all that bad but it was quite bad).

Also, my sister wants to watch The Tourist. Love Angelina and Johnny to bits but I'm not going to go out of my way. If one thing's fairly obvious about me, I'm an angst/comedy type of person, not action/adventure/The Tourist. 
  • We open with a win by Christian Bale, which I guess, okay, because I like the guy (I do - I know I should be more honest to God enthusiastic but today's just been a really rough day and if it weren't for the coffee and cake, I wouldn't have gotten through the last two and a half hours) and nobody else in the category really caught my eye (story of the entire night, don't worry). 
  • I actually wanted Katey Sagal to win so I am happy, obviously. Kudos to the other noms because I love them all almost equally (and considering the fact that I hate people, that is the compliment of the night, obviously). 
  • Aha, of course the only one I haven't watched wins - Carlos! Whatever that is. It's on the Sundance Channel, which explains a lot, really. I like Temple Grandin as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't have minded if any of the others won. 
  • Fuck it, you know I'm happy. (Confession: I cried). And the best part? I don't really give a damn about the other nominees so I don't feel bad because I have this sort of eternal devotion and love thing going on with Chris Colfer so... just... MY BABY! And haters to wherever you want to go to other than in front of my face.
  • Um. Jon Hamm? Jon Hamm? I am sorry, I haven't watched Boardwalk Empire because I just don't feel like it so I can't judge but come on. Jon Hamm. 
  • And by that extension: I love Dexter, I love The Walking Dead, I quite enjoy The Good Wife when the mood strikes me but COME ON. Mad Men, man! Fucking Mad Men! 
  • Not a win or anything but baby Andrew Garfield! It's so fluffy, I could DIE! 
  • Some song from Burlesque in the category I care about the least.
  • Joke: Reznor and Ross over Hans Zimmer. I am sorry, maybe I am just biased or something - I really, truly liked The Social Network's score and thought it was spectacular for about a few weeks and now it occasionally comes on shuffle and I don't click next but if there's one thing I was pretty sure Inception would win, it would be this, because Inception IS Hans Zimmer's score (and vice versa, I guess). (Alexandre Desplat also did a good job). 
  • Toys Story 3. I'm pretty sure this was unanimous. 
  • When RDJ came on, I was surprisingly not enthused. I think I almost fell asleep. Can I not mention The Kids Are All Right for the rest of the post because now that I think about it, they kind of won a lot and congratulations and kudos and I don't really care either way so just give them a big round of applause or something because I'm pretty sure they are all supremely proud of themselves? I know I don't sound happy (The Kids Are All Right made my movies list for last year) but I am. Somewhat. Mostly, I don't care that much because I haven't had enough coffee for the day.
  • You can only imagine what mother said about Tilda's dress. Sorry, "dress". I was kind of happy Al Pacino won because... I don't know, I just love him. Anyways, it was nice to see Dennis Quaid (who I had a sort of crush on back in the days) because I just don't see him anywhere nowadays. 
  • Claire Danes. Whatever. I like Romola Garai, though. A bias, I know, because I'm a fan, but whatever. 
  • Combining Best Screenplay and Director starting with Screenplay: Um. I guess Aaron Sorkin winning it wasn't the end of the world but... OK, look, I hate to say this but I found his speech incredibly offensive and I'm glad to have found like-minded people on the Internet. Just ANYONE else, you know? And Christopher Nolan should have won for best director. I kind of feel bad for the guy for just like sitting there and smiling whenever the camera pans to him once in a while and then at the end of the day, Inception gets fucking nothing. What's worst? The Social Network won and I'm not saying I don't love my Jesse and Armie and, of course, baby Andrew, but I'm kind of getting tired of them hogging it all like Twilight at an MTV awards. 
  • I was shocked that Jane Lynch won at first (mostly because I so wasn't expecting that at all) but in the end, I let it go and admitted that she might have deserved this. Kind of unfair what with Sue and Kurt being two of the best written characters on the show? Yes. But, hey, at least they won the... wait for it. 
  • I watched The Concert, I Am Love and The Edge beforehand (don't ask me what I had to do to get my hands on them) but again, of course, the one that I've not watched yet takes the win. 
  • What's The Big C? 
  • I kind of knew Melissa Leo was going to win. Have not seen The Fighter yet, obviously, but I do approve of the shiny dress. 
  • Mother and I reminiscing on our limited memories of Robert De Niro. 
  • I think we've discussed Best Director? 
  • Glee! I didn't think anything else could have won, actually. I am not biased here, not at all, because I honestly think Modern Family should have won HOWEVER, unlike some asshats in the fandom, I am a fan (hence, fandom) and I'm going to support Glee. Next time, Modern Family. Next time. Oh, and Darren was there? Wow. Like, seriously, man, wow. From a non-profit musical based off of a bestselling book about a young wizard and some bad guys to the Golden Globe stage! HATERS GO AND BURN YOURSELF (actually, don't do that. Just leave him alone because you know what they say: if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it. Which... is fucking rich coming from me).
  • I like Paul Giamatti because he reminds me of a rabbit. 
  • HEY, IT'S JGL! Too fucking bad Inception won fucking nothing. 
  • Yeah, Natalie Portman. Who is wearing the most ridiculous dress ever. My mother actually asked me if she's pregnant. Got your point across there, Portman! I was rooting for Michelle, but whatever. Sweet Lips, though.
  • Colin Firth because who else? 
  • The Social Network. You know I disagree because I am Team Inception/Team Nolan/Team BETTER, but the whole Jesse/Andrew cuteness somewhat made up for it. Somewhat. 
  • I think I forgot this somewhere up there so I don't know where this one goes but OH, MY GOD, KALEY WHEN SHE FOUND OUT JIM PARSONS WON? 
Some pictures and whatever else I feel like it tomorrow. I'm lazy and feeling like crap. Here, have a video of Chris because, let's face it, he's all I really care about boo hoo.

(I took out the video because it's not working anyways but for future reference, it was Chris's acceptance speech video!)

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