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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Messy, Hairy and Libby

I did go out to get pancakes on Sunday. Went to the Paddington House of Pancakes with my sister and as it was, I had wanted any kind of pancake, whatever kind, really, I wouldn't have minded, but my order was the last to arrive and while waiting, I helped my sister finish off two of her dishes. When my pancakes arrived, I didn't really finish them. They tasted weird. 

The shortest assembly in the history of assemblies. Teacher in charge for the week came up and gave an announcement that consisted of "there are no announcements today". NILAM after so I just filled in the two books that I've read this year and called it a day. English was boring. Recess was a little more eventful because Datin Mary came down and wanted to see the canteen prefects. No scoldings, though, just reminders, and, yeah, not even that was eventful. I can't remember much of what happened after that but I think I was in a pretty bad mood the whole day through. I kind of knew why that was so but it's not the main reason, surely. Mostly, I was just tired. And sad. But I don't know exactly why I'm sad. 

After school was nice, actually. Was at the canteen and alternated between two tables (as I do) and then headed to YE after going around the block once with Nadiah. I told her about my story (currently at 2000 words plus) and it's just nice to talk about it. YE was nice, actually, because we just elected the Board members and then talked about Valentine's Day sales. Not much work yet, I assume, but fair is fair and that was a nice start to the extra curriculars for the week, I guess. Went home and wrote that 2000 plus words. My story's about one of my friends. It's set about 10 years into the future and it's all about how she expected her life to go one way, but then it ended up going a whole different direction entirely (which is the story of most lives, I think, but whatever, I've started and can't stop, won't stop). Went home, homework and food and all the bare necessities before falling dead asleep. 

I think I was in a better mood? I can't really figure it out - what's gotten me so down in the dumps lately? Maybe it's the story I'm working on. Maybe it's just way too depressing and idealistic and just way too personal. (Can't stop, won't stop.) RCD was such a chore because they changed their timetable and so no one had any clue which teacher was coming in and I ended up going to class fifteen minutes late. The rest of the day wasn't so bad, though. Recess was quite disgusting, as usual, because picking up after other people's messes are disgusting. It's all right, though. I've stopped caring so much because I mentally record the faces of people who don't throw their plates and rubbish away and whenever I see them, I just laugh inside thinking about how stupid and uncivilized and unmannered and stupid these people are. 

Finished my woodwork project for Living Skills and for the first time in three years, it's fully functional! Plus, I accidentally swiped it off the table and it crashed onto the floor and it's still perfectly fine! I don't know what you call that, but I call it an A+. Anyways, I went home after school ended and read some fanfiction, ate my lunch and headed to House Practice at 4. It was actually kind of nice, the hanging around friends part, not all the running. I guess I can still run a bit. I'm only just the laziest person in the entire universe. I went home a few minutes earlier because we weren't doing anything anyways. Took a dip in the jacuzzi. It was quite a good ending to my day, actually. 

Was kind of good. Was a lot good, actually, only I didn't enjoy the classes so much. The time flew by slower than a snail's pace so using that simile isn't worth it. I did enjoy after school, though. Girl Guides, where we did nothing and everything was absolutely horrible and boring, and then my Dad drove Afreena, Nisa and I to OU for Tutti Frutti. Yeah, just for that. 

Nisa annoyed me. She started giving us nicknames. That's my week so far, I guess. 

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