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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twice In Two Days

I reckon this is just going to be a short one. I'm going to be working on quite a few things this week plus I'll have that dentist appointment on Tuesday so I may not be able to update often (although, that's just a guess because I've always found time before). So basically, I'm going to write out a simple to-do list and hopefully it gets done. 
  • School bag - call my sister and ask her if she's going to use her laptop bag next year and if she is, buy a new one from that store that sells bags. 
  • Pencil case - find black fabric paint and paint over the white parts of my pencil case. Also, buy pens and pencils and locate compasses and other shit from my geometry set. 
  • Books - I've already bought my Maths books so... find out if the school bookshop has stock of the notebooks then (but I have a feeling they don't). 
  • Locate socks. 
  • Head over to SBL and buy Maths workbook and BM komsas book and also Science and KH reference books for Form 3. 
  • Buy shirt and somehow convince parents that new baju kurung tops are unnecessary. Also, sneak in the time to buy tudung for Islamic Studies class without them around lest I want them to hound me out on wearing it next year. 
  • Clean my room because it's in a mess again. 
  • Finish reorganizing my iTunes (this is rather pointless but I've gotten a sudden urge to do this since a few nights ago when the only songs that came up on shuffle were the old rap songs my sister used to download and I used to partially enjoy). GAVE UP!
  • Stop reading fanfiction before sleep because it gives me creepy dreams. 
  • Stop eating so much junk. 
  • Some other things I'm supposed to do but can't remember right now and I'll probably never get around to doing it anyways. 
  • Oh, right, sort out my books which are a piling mess out here in the living room and also find those stupid KH paper things and remember to ask teacher about it on the first day of school. 
  • New layout for New Year's. 
  • December something - go to school and clean prefects room at 9.30. I still don't know what day it is, you know. 
  • Special end of the year thingy that I promised I'd make. 
I wanted to write something about yesterday and today but I'm too lazy now. There's nothing to watch really since I've finished catching up on most TV shows (except for FNL and Supernatural, which I've wanted to do since the holidays started but I got sidetracked by other things) and God forbid there be something interesting on television. Meanwhile, in the Astro headquarters somewhere, they are pondering over whether to air the second season of Glee since it has too many plot points revolving around a gay guy. 

Yesterday, I had to wake up early (blasphemous) because my Dad said we'd go to the National Museum. National Museum is great, really, I'll admit to that, because the people there are very friendly and the tourists are very friendly, too, and (get this) it only costs RM2 to get in per adult. I, of course, pretended to be under twelve. No huge achievement or anything. Maze and I used to go here all the time because it's honestly easier to study history here than through reading your textbooks. And D took me here once, too, before midterms, to study properly, because apparently I get easily distracted trying to get my notes drilled into my head. So, yes, I really like the National Museum. If you've never been, you should. My Dad and I, we took pictures with a few birds in this booth at the back of the museum and usually it'd cost something like RM30 or something (because that's what it took for the pictures of that tiger and those birds and those snakes - separately, of course - at a zoo in Malacca) but it only costs RM15, so that's good, too. 

And then after that, my Dad dropped me off at McDonald's because I had a lunch date and honestly, I couldn't afford anything else because every month, I'd blow all my money on books so McDonald's it was. I went home at around 2 and spent the rest of the day catching up on last week's TV shows. I slept at 9 because I was so tired and even though I got a full 12 hours of sleep, I couldn't bring myself to wake up this morning. I did, though, and my Dad said we'd go to the Lake Gardens, only now they call it Taman Tasik Perdana. Or maybe it's the other way around or maybe they call it both, but anyways, we call it Lake Gardens. We went to the Deer Park (which stinks - I don't mean it sucked, because the deer and mouse deer were very cute and all - a bit ugly, though - I meant it literally stinks because of all the poop) and Tun Abdul Razak Memorial because my mother's a big fan (she wasn't with us, though, but both my niece and nephew were). Guess what song they had playing in the entrance hall? Actually, I forgot, but I'm pretty sure it was Rihanna or something. 

We wanted to visit the National Monument, a.k.a. the Tugu Negara, which I've never been to (I have, actually, but it was the once when I was younger and all I remember seeing was grass) but sadly we kind of got lost and couldn't make a U-turn somewhere so we gave up. There's also a lot of other places you can visit there like the Bird Park and the Butterfly Park and some other parks and the lake is very pretty and it'd be nice to have like a picnic there or something and there wasn't too much litter on the ground. It didn't smell all that bad, either; there were a lot of flying things but I think that's natural for an outdoor environment in Malaysia. The weather today was really nice. It was windy but really, really hot so I had my sunglasses on. I would've enjoyed the whole thing better if the Memorial place hadn't smelled slightly funky (but we got to see Tun Abdul Razak's house - his bathroom and his bedroom and also his gorgeous study, which I obviously adore) and if we didn't have to climb all those stairs. 

My Dad and I got into a huge fight over where to eat but in the end, we went to the best place to go during the weekends, Amcorp. Did you know that the flee market is now not only restricted to the bottom floor and around those creepy stores at the back? It's spread everywhere now, even in front of Watsons and Popular and MPH and the reason I really, really like Amcorp is because A) flee market, duh, and B) no one there really pretends to be anyone they're not. I mean, whenever I go to Amcorp, I don't automatically categorize people as those wearing nice clothes and those wearing shitty clothes (although I do sometimes make double takes when I see someone dressed really ridiculously), I just see them as people wearing clothes (which is the exact opposite of what happens when I go to the major shopping complexes around here). And besides all of that, there's only really one other reason to go to Amcorp on a Sunday. 

In the hopes that I'd bump into Maze. And I did. And I had a wonderful lunch and I really enjoyed browsing through the bookstores and flee market stalls even though I didn't have any money whatsoever and the only thing I bought was a cheesecake. And now I shall stop starting my sentences with the conjunction "and". 

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