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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Theater District

Hanna said she'd swing by after lunch and at around 2.30, she texted me saying she'll be here at 3. Of course, two hours later, we were finally on our way to OU. OU kind of sucks during a major holidays because, obviously, there are a ton of people milling around, apparently homeless or something. Why can't you people hang out at home on Christmas with your family? Racism aside (because we are not racist people), Hanna was correct in her observation that when it's major holiday time, all the Chinese people come out to shop. And the rempits, too, but that was only when we headed over to Old Wing. 

It was a little intimidating, seeing every single restaurant crowded with people (except for Robot Sushi, which looked like a murder house). I wanted to have waffles for dinner (not that I can chew yet or anything, but a girl can try for one of her favorite dishes) but every time we passed by, there were no available tables. 

First off, we went around looking at shops and browsing but mostly I didn't really notice anything except for a couple of nice sweaters because we were talking about a lot of things. We got kind of hungry and had a ball finding Tutti Frutti (we had no idea that "We Are Here" meant the shop is there and not we, as in Hanna and me)  and bought RM22 worth of froyo. We spent a long time in Parkson (choosing water bottles for school - we both got "super eco-friendly" metal bottles by some company called Loyal Green - Hanna bought a pink one and I bought an almost similar one in aqua) and MPH (drooling over the notebooks and journals with fabulous covers: I was tempted to buy a really expensive planner but my conscience won over in the end. Hanna also got a bunch of pens) and last stop before dinner was the crafts shop. I bought black fabric paint and painted over my school pencil case that night. Hanna said that Darren Criss was only OK but Chris Colfer was hot. Hey, you know, I'll take what I can get. 

We didn't really do anything when we got home. The Internet is so boring nowadays, the only thing I do is download music and read fanfiction. Slept really late, though. I guess we were talking all night and watched Ugly Betty and ANTM and Hanna fell in love with some guy who guest starred on Ugly Betty (that same guy who plays Tripp, the congressman in Gossip Girl, and also Serena's whore). Waking up this morning was weird and we kind of had nothing to do or talk about after showering and having breakfast. 

The afternoons consisted of watching the really, really, really lame Miss Earth 2010 followed by a really long chat about our future in my room. We named our children and talked about our future houses and all that crap. Watched Miss Universe 2010 after that, which was marginally better than Miss Earth, but still sucked. We were both rooting for Miss Ireland but sadly, she didn't make Top 5. Productive way to spend an afternoon? Not by a long shot. Was quite happy to see her go because I need my quiet time. 

Currently watching the most intense show on television thus far: Masterchef US. Even though I know Whitney's the winner, it's still mega suspenseful. 

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