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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Pros & Cons of Living

Good morning, everyone.
I can do 3.8+.

Actually, when I thought of writing out this post yesterday, I was sort of hoping that I'd be able to say that in the actual a.m. Now it's way past noon, about one o'clock, and I haven't showered nor had lunch yet. You know what's weird? For months now, I've woken up to a mess of a room, with my clothes piled sky high on my rocking chair, books strewn all across the floor and the tables and whatever other free surface available was also littered with papers and make-up and stray stationaries. 

I woke up this morning to rocking chair piled up with pillows and stuffed animals, books neatly stacked on the tables and bookshelves and you could see every possible inch of the floor. Yes, I finally finished cleaning my room. It only took about a week (since I started on Monday) and while I did stuff all the crappy clothes I don't wear anymore into a spare drawer and all the papers and little knick knacks I didn't have the patience to sort through into another chest of drawers, the room is cleaner than it has been in months. And the great thing is, I actually managed to keep it that way for a week. I mean, I started organizing my perfumes and deodorants and hair clips on Monday and until this day, it's still clean and organized. I bought new sticky tacks and worked on my wall. It's still relatively blank, of course, but I'll try finishing it before New Year's. 

The only downside to cleaning my room is that now, I've reignited my phobia for creepy crawlies, which went away for a while during and after Prefects Camp (because I felt the need to be macho around all of those other freaks, who screamed and ran away at the slightest sight of an ant). A few incidents led up to this: earlier on in the week, I had opened up my packet of Honey Stars and didn't bother to put the rest in a jar, instead opting to just fold the packet and stuff in back in the box. I opened it again a few days later and a lizard literally jumped out at me and landed on my chest. Luckily, I wasn't wearing anything too low cut or it might have gone inside my bra (or just inside my top, actually, since I don't wear bras around the house in the mornings). And all through the week, I've been harassed by spiders on my desktop monitor, flying things buzzing around the lights and on the floor and yesterday as I cleaned out my trashcan (don't be grossed out or anything, but ever since I bought that thing, I haven't cleaned it out or anything. I barely use it anyways unless I went on one of these cleaning sprees), I found a fucking baby cockroach in there. 

No surprise or anything. I mean, it's a bit of a dream come true that I didn't find anything making nests behind my bookshelves in the first place. 

I realized that I have absolutely nothing more to write about. One more post until our legendary 800th post. Be excited, be very excited. 

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