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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Proposal

I don't celebrate Christmas but I do celebrate my birthday! It's wishlist time, bitches.
  1. A typewriter because I am obsessed.
  2. A guitar because I apparently own one sans strings. And plus it's my brother's so it would be nice to have one of my own.
  3. Some TV show season box set. Like I even care, right? 
  4. Some new pairs of jeans because the ones I own are so damn fucking tight, I can barely walk in them. 
  5. Oh, right, AVPM poster as they now ship internationally!
  6. Film Wizardry book which my Dad assures me I WILL be getting, but not as a birthday gift, just a holidays gift so technically, Christmas present, yes? 
  7. I want it to be that every time I put a broom between my legs, it will actually fly (by the way, I'm talking about an actual sweeping broom because I can see how putting it the way that I did might have come off as obscene). 
  8. Books. Duh. 
  9. I would like a new pencil box. I would like a purple pencil box for no goddamn reason other than the fact that I want it. 
  10. I would like to dye my hair again but tough luck. 
  11. I'd like a new phone but I'm actually OK with the one I have now. 
  12. More pillows.
  13. A nail clipper because some bitch at school borrowed it and forgot to return it (I had two, but I lost the other one at home).
  14. New earphones because I'm having problems with the one I currently own (the problem being my nephew is infatuated with it and keeps taking the thing apart). 
  15. A wand, which I've been asking for for ages but apparently RM200-300 is a wee bit too much to spend on a stick. 
  16. Quinn and Sam to break the fuck up. 
  17. I want someone else to do the dirty job of downloading AVPS onto my computer, converting it so that I can play it on iTunes and then stuff it into my iPod for me. 
  18. Most importantly, what I want is an academically perfect year with me achieving the highest of high results and being called the smartest of smart people (in Form 3). 
  19. Oh, yeah, and I think a few years back I asked for boobs but now I think I just want them to stop hurting so much. Plus, no boobs is actually nicer since I won't have to wear bras all the damn time. 
  20. I'll just round this off. I want... Sports Day to be canceled next year (whatever, Form 5s). 

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