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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lizard Tales

Lying at home, sick and bedridden, does not a good student make. 

SAYS WHO? So yesterday I woke up with a mega sore throat (I think I've mentioned this before) and I had so many problems sleeping last night. First off, the air-conditioning was too cold no matter how high I set it so I ended up turning it off AND wearing a hoodie AND covering myself with two blankets (which didn't make that much sense until I went to see the doctor this morning and found out I had a slight fever). I was in a pretty good mood from all the sex talk on Tumblr so I stayed up until 1 "studying" with Maze through Skype (I just reread this and came to the conclusion that wrong impressions might be had by putting this in the same sentence as the "Tumblr sex talk" thing but whatever). I read some fanfiction and at around 3, I was ready for bed, right? Wrong. Couldn't sleep. Tossed and turned. I went to the bathroom and just when I had opened the door a slight crack, a FUCKING LIZARD dropped from the ceiling. I am not shitting you. This seriously happened. When I get my voice back, I'm going to whine and cry at my mother and plead her to hire an exterminator because this whole lizard business that's going on in this house has gotten out of hand.

Rest assured, I didn't get to pee. I did eventually go to sleep, though. AFTER five chapters of Maths. I quite like Form 3 Maths. I think someone told me that as long as I got the basics down, it's all a breeze and it is. I felt so smart. It was 4 in the morning, I was huddled up in my multi-layered clothing and bedding and the room's temperature was probably hitting boiling point but I felt so smart. I answered questions correctly and the ones that took a while, I eventually got there. I didn't even need to use my handy dandy calculator. 

When I woke up this morning, I was sort of hoping the sore throat would have gone away but no such luck. Woke up to my nephew screaming his head off. I told my Dad I wanted to go to the doctor's so we went and she gave me some medicine that dun goofed. I don't think they're working. The Strepsils-like lozenges are nice and they turn your tongue orange but it only lasts for like the duration the thing stays a solid. After it melts away, my tonsils are back to its previous state: swollen beyond comparison. It hurts to swallow. 

Geez, you'd think I'd be given a break. First, I can't move my mouth, then I can't chew and now I can't swallow. I've been drinking lots of hot tea and eating lots of cake because that's the only thing in the refrigerator right now. I've yet to do anything for school, which is like in less than 5 days or something and I feel bad. 

Boo, school, boo. No one wants you

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