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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keeping Busy, Olivia?

Don't read the previous post because it has so many spelling and grammar errors, it's humiliating. ETA: Fixed. 

Last night, I wasted precious money and valuable time (that could otherwise be put down to good use like, say, sleeping or something) texting my dumb friends. And Nisa called me in the middle of the night, after I had turned off the lights and everything. But, of course, I wasn't sleeping yet because I was reading a Klaine fanfiction. Ha. Funny, right, I was really onboard Kum (look, I'm sorry but Slurt just sounds so stupid - and kind of dirty, too. At least Kum just sounds dirty. And if you wanted to go with, I don't know, Sart or something, it wouldn't work either because it sounds like fart) and now I'm just sort of confused? Always confused, actually. 

Woke up super duper early this morning because Afreena said she would be picking me up at 9.45. She came at about 10 (beforehand, Nisa texted me and asked, "It's today, right?" Well with my friends, you just can't be too sure) and we went to Gardens and trolloped around after buying the tickets. Had brunch (Afreena didn't but the rest of us had a pretty heavy meal) and was really quite full afterwards. 

Unlike the last time we went karaokeing (well, spell check, how do you spell it then?), we actually had two hours on our hands. Upside: I ordered Coke for my drink while everyone else got fruit juices and their drinks really sucked because they were diabetically sweet and we had fun, of course, because who doesn't have fun during stuff like this? Downside: the temperature in the room was freezing, I was chilled to the bone. I couldn't feel my fingers by the end of the session and my teeth were chattering. Plus, since we all had two drinks each, I went to the toilet twice (upside: ladies room was pretty easy to locate). Since we had that fulfilling brunch and none of us were really hungry (except for Nisa, go figure), we decided to head to the surau for Zuhur and then Nisa and I went ahead to the cinema to purchase popcorn.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention: we watched Tron: Legacy. If any of you are interested in watching it, watch it in 3D (like we did - because, and I quote Afreena, we were "orang kaya". After paying for the RM30 tickets, though, we weren't feeling all that rich) as the only reason people will like Tron: Legacy is because of the action and the lights and the cool world of The Grid. It's not all in 3D (I can attest to this because most of the time, I took off my 3D glasses because they kept slipping down my nose) (plus, they mentioned it before the movie started) but I have to say, the directing was gorgeous. This is one of those movies I watch and think, "Man, that would be awesome to picspam." I haven't watched Tron (1982) so I don't know what happened there but none of my friends watched it either and the story is quite coherent regardless of whether or not you've watched Tron. On the car ride back home, I overheard Raihan's parents (we carpooled home with her) talking about Jeff Bridges and now I can say with certainty that I know more about him than I have ever known before. 

The plot was OK. I mean, I've seen worse, of course, and while the whole thing seemed rather pointless (especially towards the end where all three of them had a really, really good chance of going back, but stupid Jeff Bridges had to wait until it was way too late. I mean, come on, there were three of them against Clu. They've done so much cool shit before that, couldn't they manage another one? And Tron wasn't even all that important in the grand scheme of things. When Clu slayed him - that was really anti-climactic.), the visual grandness of the whole thing more than makes up for it. Plus, the score. Am I the only person really happy about the score? I don't think so. 

So, as per tradition, at the end of a movie, Raihan, Nisa, Afreena and I each choose a character from the movie. I don't know why, but we do. Nisa chose Sam (um, Garett something?) and Afreena chose young Jeff Bridges and Raihan was stuck with Flynn (although I find him kind of awesome). I chose Gem because she was smoking. All through the movie, the only thing that I was actually doing was staring at Sam and Quorra and Gem's (and, OK, Clu's) butts in those tight suits they wear. 

Before the movie started, something really funny happened. I tried writing it down but it's really complex and made for awkward sentences so let's just leave it at, Embarrassing Moment #2 for Afreena. We had nothing else to do but wander around for a while as Raihan's parents were set to pick us up about half an hour later. We mostly walked around and talked and Raihan tried to coax us all to take pictures with the Christmas trees but no one wanted to (I didn't care but Nisa thought it was stupid and Afreena thought it was painfully humiliating so we all knew we weren't taking pictures with Christmas trees, anyways). 

Got home around close to 6 or so because of the late afternoon traffic. Seventeen days left until It Gets Better Year (school, 2011) and I'm officially over worrying about school. I am officially also over worrying about going to the dentist because whatever it is they do to you might hurt, at the end of the day, I'm still going to be lying on my bed, thinking, "Well, at least I'm still alive." Unless I'm not alive. Then that would suck. That would truly, truly suck. 

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