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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interlude 32

Only 8 posts in December. Seems a wee bit suspicious, right? Granted, at this very moment right now, I can barely see what I'm typing up since I left my glasses downstairs. Here's to hoping that I'll pick up the writing spirit once again. 

What have I been up to? I can't really remember. We had a trip to the dentist yesterday (and by we, I meant my mother and I) and you know me and you know her, I love punctuality to a fault and my mother's a notorious late-comer. She didn't bother to tell me that the appointment was at 11 (I usually wake up past that) and so when my Dad came pounding on my door at 10, naturally, I was pissed off. However, I took my time with breakfast and didn't bother showering and got ready in half an hour, with ample time to spare. Of course, we left forty-five minutes later because of my mother. On the way, Dr. M's secretary called and said that we're going to be late and could we come at 2 instead. Well

We had ice-cream at Ampang Point. I've never been, but a lot of crappy looking guys hang around there so if any chick's out looking for a guy, that's not the place for you. While we were enjoying our ice-cream, the phone rang and Secretary said we could come right then if we wanted. Well, fuck that shit. So we left and honest to God, going out with my mother is like going out with a child. She didn't realize that the auto-pay station was right on the floor that we parked even though it would be quite hard to miss that giant machine on the way to the escalators and after we were done paying for the ticket, she forgot where she had parked the car. 

Dentist appointment was a breeze. Since mother and Dr. M were buddies, we all had lunch together. Naturally, they talked a bit about dentistry and teeth. And politics, because sometimes I think that's the only thing my mother can talk about. When I got home, I was drop dead tired and almost fell asleep before Maghrib. 

I went to Maze's house after that and had dinner there because my parents both were out for the night. A few things have been bothering me lately and right now, the whole BK thing (it's been a while since I've referred it as such) is the farthest thing from my mind. I mean, when the holidays kick started, I was all over that but now that there's a more pressing issue at hand, I just can't deal with it. So, yeah, you'll know what'll happen if I see her again (bones will be crushed) but that's not relevant to my life anymore. Sad, sad. 

I think I'll talk about that more in another post (coming up tonight, perhaps?). Last night, I obsessed over quite a number of things and I'm even thinking of fanfiction writing now (after all these years, right?) but I'm going to be reading some new ones tonight, so I don't think that's a dream meant to come true. However, I do think I have a nice little (rambling) project that may or may not see the light of day that may or may not fill in my time during the holidays. 

I've put a stopper on studying lately because I've been busy with my friends (I know, right, social contact? Who have I turned into?) and catching up on certain shows (Supernatural still untouched. On the bright side, I've now watched every single episode of Scrubs and True Blood!). However, (AND I DO CONSIDER THIS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT), I did finish reading the Form 3 BM novel and while it was pure and utter bull (what did you expect?), I am so proud of myself. This is even more of an accomplishment if you add into account the fact that I have no idea what last year's novel was about and as of right now, I don't even remember its title (shit, I just remembered). 

So! Here we are at the end of this post. Most of my friends are off on vacations but I can't catch a break, naturally. My sister's schedule is jam packed and at this rate, I might not see her until our birthdays (reminder: ask her about laptop bag and also, tell her that mother has been trying to matchmake her again). TV is at a standstill for Christmas but that's quite OK because Fox has been airing Bones S5 and while I've watched all the episodes, it's still such a cute show (about people who died). Out with Nisa, Afreena and Raihan tomorrow and orthodontist appointment on Friday (I think). 

Footnote: My parents got me new shirts and shit for school and loads of new pens! 

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