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Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Which I Don't Like Pictures of Myself

I look like a douchewad but regardless, click on this in celebration of December 4th, Mei's birthday.

Friday I went and hung out at Maze's place for a whole day because we had nothing better to do and misery loves company. What we did was:

  • had an impromptu photoshoot (pictures on my private blog and other places that you usually find pictures on). I stole someone's tripod (won't mention who) and I've yet to return it. Oops. Reminder to self: return Someone's tripod stand. 
  • Is it funny that that is the only thing I remember? Kind of? I mean, I remember eating and watching TV and all that junk, but it mostly just blurred together. 
  • Fun shit, though. Fun, quality day. 
  • Oh, yeah, we sang a lot of Christmas songs because, I don't know, we're just awesome amazing like that. There's this one song I can't get out of my head since I went out with my sister because it was playing over and over again in Speedy Videos. And a baby with a really annoying voice was singing it. Little Drummer Boy. That song is too addictive for words. 
  • Restrung (a word? Yes!) Maze's guitar. 
  • Yeah, I'll stop here. 

I came home at about a quarter to eleven. One of the topics of conversation that we touched on was school and how we're too cool for it. Man, I can't believe that he's going to be doing SPM format next year because I just get so used to doing all my homework with him. Plus, I'm going to be a Third Former and it's going to suck. Not because I don't have faith that I've been placed in a (relatively) good class, not because I'm worried or questioning my intelligence, nothing like that. It's the teachers. I bet they're going to be up our asses with this whole PMR shit. Oh, gov. Stick it where it counts, please. 

Apparently people actually care that I set my blog on Private for a few days? Ha. Remember when Cassandra harassed me for a long time because apparently she couldn't gain access to my blog? Of course you don't, you're a blog! Oh, PsychoJustice and I! How much fun times we share! Sorry I'm a bit high right now. Really great day today. 

Despite the fact that I had to leave super early, I am satisfied. I'm used to getting the short end of the stick. I'm used to getting nothing at all so admittedly, this little taste was nice while it lasted. I left after about half an hour so I only got to meet Mei, Liana, Anis and Raymay. So today and yesterday? Good days. 

Photo credits all to Mei and I'm going to include photos of them even after I've left because This Is My Blog™.

Like a G19.

We do not look alike because Anis is prettier than a lot of people I know (me, included).
No business posting these following pictures up since I had already left but these people are lovely and This Is My Blog. More pictures of Lovely Liana, please.

That is the face of a person who's birthday wishes have come true.

Before I die, I'd really want to meet them again and I'll try to talk more. Tomorrow, I'm going to sleep the whole day and stuff myself with doughnuts (apparently we still have some in the fridge). Dentist appointment the week after the next. Mother is heading off to Jakarta for a conference meeting thingy and it still feels as if it was only yesterday that she was ill so it's all quite weird and difficult to process. Nadiah and I are in the works of making plans to go out and "hang" sometimes next week. Looking forward to this since I've never been out with her in a non-school environment.

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