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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fifteenth Hour

Last night was so much fun. I had downloaded Glee S2 episodes 6 and 7 (because Blaine, duh - having him on my iPod is Priority #1 and I tried to download BiCO as well but it ended up being butchered after 1 minute in) (which reminds me, Hanna and I were watching Hollyscoop or whatever it is that show's called and when they featured this Glee scoop on the Super Bowl epi, Darren was on my screen, which has never happened before, so rest assured I was happy and squeeing) and was on and off Tumblr as usual, so that part of my night was productively spent. Headed to my room a little later on, reminiscing about the things I did in the holidays.

At like 10 something, I started watching Episode 6 (Never Been Kissed) and was so excited to see the Breadstix scene that I decided, what the heck, to just watch The Substitute. Gwyneth Paltrow becomes less annoying the second time I watched her, so there's that. Wasn't excited for all the Kurt getting pushed into lockers scene (and the whole Mercedes storyline with the tots was not just redundant, it was kind of lame) but I went through it all again because I can never stop laughing after the "little purse fell out of my mouth - how did it get in there? Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay" scene.

Around two hours later, I was on Skype with Maze because I wanted to get through to Denise but after calling her, I found out she was in the middle of a nap. Maze and I talked for a while about World War III and what we would do if we were one of the major world leaders and all that jazz. It was one of the best conversation of my entire holidays (second only to what happened next, when I was talking to Debzo) but he wanted to go to sleep early because he has to go fix his scooter today. After that, I found out that Debbie was on. You guys don't understand - I haven't talked to Debbie in WEEKS! Almost two months, if I've counted correctly (but as the little studying session I had with Hanna proved, I am not good at maths - it took me a while to figure out how to solve like the simplest linear equation ever).

So we talked, catching up and everything. She talked about Christmas and I talked about what I did on Christmas and we talked about what to get Denise for her birthday and what Maze got for his birthday. And somehow we got on the topic of Glee (which I had convinced her to watch back in June) and we both got out of pens and paper and began writing fanfiction. It was so glorious because I don't think we've ever collaborated on anything since the whole failed attempt with Leela (I deleted everything. Nice though they were, it was still strangely flat and the plots weren't up to our standards). It was around 2 o'clock past and our brains weren't working well, so it took us all but five minutes to figure out this one word we were looking for. It was one of those 'on the tip of my tongue' things and we finally settled on a word. When we finished writing, we realized we had chosen the word seƱor when the word we were looking for all along was (wait for it) SOPRANO. Blame it all on the lack of sleep.

We laughed for around half an hour before correcting the mistake. And then at a quarter to four, we went to sleep. Now, fifteen hours later, here I am. I have sort of a sore throat right now. Not happy. On the bright side, my teeth has stopped hurting and I can talk all properly now. Getting used to it, all right. Although I'm not exactly going to get out of my way and eat hard meat or anything. 

Consider this a short update. I'm planning to pull an all-nighter on Tuesday night slash Wednesday morning because last year, I did that three times and I haven't done it this year at all. I'm planning to drink lots of coffee, prepare things for school, read fanfiction, study, and prepare my New Year's posts. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join me. 

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