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Friday, December 31, 2010


I would just like to take this opportunity, before we start, to say that all's fair in love and war and fandom is a little bit of both. Whether you agree with my choices or not, it's entirely your prerogative. I will defend my favorites to the death but that doesn't mean I'm not keeping an open mind. I know whatever it is that I've chosen may not have the best scripts, the best directing, the best casts or the best writing, but I chose them because I honest to God do like them. So without further ado, I present to you
two thousand & ten

television shows
I don't know when I became a hardcore TV junkie but I guess these things just happen? I used to watch a lot of Gossip Girl (GG is my punching bag show, especially since the reviews I read online are hilarious and Serena-related jokes never get old) and 90210 but I lost my love for those shows a long time ago (90210 never even got it rolling, to be honest) so I guess that's why I don't really get caught up in Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries (I will admit VD to being wonderfully plotted and paced this year, despite the fact that some of the cast members annoy the heck out of me). Guilty pleasures: Merlin (kind of sucks on and off but I'm going to stick with it forever), Curb Your Enthusiasm (trying to convince everyone to watch this show), The Walking Dead (I don't even know why I like it so much, I just do), Ugly Betty (doesn't really have the largest fandom but the question is why? It's a great show with great and shiny characters and sure, maybe they jumped a few sharks with the whole baby thing but it got better in S4!), The IT Crowd (seriously).

05. TRUE BLOOD which I started watching this year (well, end of last year to be exact but I took a little break). I thought it dragged a bit at the beginning but I guess that's all right. It got loads better. I really enjoy it when it airs on Astro's HBO because sometimes they cut so many scenes out, I'm pretty sure no sane person could follow the plot.

04. DEXTER I started reading the books sometime this year (Jeff Lindsay). Dexter is one of those shows I'm surprised not many people are into. In my humble opinion, the cast acts carries their weight flawlessly, the writing has never disappointed me before and the plot is riveting. Like every show, it's not without its faults but I guess I just have a soft spot for Dexter because I always forgive each and every one of them. I like watching Julia Stiles in things. I don't really know why. Plus, it's not everyday you hear of someone named Lumen. 

03. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is gorgeous. I was skeptical when I first began watching because a) I wasn't interested in football and b) most television shows that claim to be real and have real plots with real characters usually ends up being unbelievably unbelievable. Drama is the hardest of genres to like I think - right up there next to angst - but FNL does both to perfection. I don't care that most people and critics are saying that the show has gone downhill, I will love FNL until the day that I die. I will always love the earlier seasons more but this show is beautiful. Watch it if you are among those who haven't yet.

 02. MISFITS The cast of Misfits is going to be featured in my Top 11 of 2010 bit later on but I don't think it's unfair at all. The cast is a whole different entity than this show and THIS SHOW! Last year's direction was fun, off-beat and showed off the talents of one very talented Robert Sheehan but this year, they went in the opposite direction of what I had originally thought they had planned and the result is a really touchy and sensitive plotline that plays out romance, angst, friendship and, yeah, the whole with great power comes great responsibility angle without any flaw in the plan. I guess only time will tell if the show continues on this glorious path.

01. FRINGE Watch Fringe if you haven't. Originally, I didn't like the show but this year, hanging around Tumblr and hearing other people discussing it has changed my mind completely. I love Fringe and it deserves to be in the top spot. Currently, Fringe is my favorite show in terms of acting and writing (and plus, not only is the cast gorgeous, I think the directing is goddamn beautiful, too. It's one of those shows where you watch and just itch to picspam). I know I don't talk about Fringe much but its fandom really speaks for itself. I haven't met a lot of people in real life who watch the show as religiously as I do (except for my brother - the reason I first watched was because of him, actually) but the few that I do know, love it to pieces. I know a lot of you do not watch Fringe so new year, new TV shows, right? Start with this one. I would also like to add that OLIVIA, MARRY ME.

Note: I'm not including Supernatural in this because I haven't watched the more recent episodes (sorry), so it wouldn't be fair to these shows which I have watched every single episode of. Glee is also not making an appearance because for all its witty one-liners, Sue Sylvesters and Hummelberry moments, the writing is still inconsistent. I will admit to enjoying a lot of Glee fanfiction, though. Two shows will appear on my 11 in 2010 list.

We've come a long way, guys. My first major television fandom was Gossip Girl.

This year, my taste in movies took a sharp left turn. I used to really enjoy movies that made me sob my eyes out and think and feel and all of that but I just didn't get most of this year's movies. Maybe it's because I got so sick and tired of all the angst going on in my own life (and on the TV screen), I just gave up on movies that made me cry. Whatever the reason, you can obviously see from my choices that there weren't a lot of great movies this year. 2011, release better movies, please. Also enjoyed: 127 Hours (James Franco, my babe), The King's Speech (endeared me to Colin Firth and his acting. The movie itself, surprisingly, bored me a little, but I like it a lot mainly because the actors were good. Plus, HBC, come on.), The Kids Are All Right (so-and-so because I don't dig movies like this in the long run, but enjoyed it a lot more than all the other crappy movies of the year so it made the cut), Exit Through The Gift Shop (I'm so curious as to what made me actually like this. Seriously, watch it and get back to me because I am so confused. The whole documentary-style thing has never really struck a chord with me so I'm begging someone to come up to me and explain why I like this).

05. TOY STORY 3 was kind of a let-down but for the most part, I blame it on the fact that everyone had built it up to be this spectacular closer to the trilogy that I just expected more than the whole daycare center plot. While it's no Toy Story (first movie) and didn't even make me smile as much as the second movie (I was young and the Barbie pool party thing was just mesmerizing), I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Toy Story holds a special place in my movie-watching heart and it was worth the tickets and the popcorn and I watched it two times at the cinema so it was good. {Directed by Lee Unkrich} 

04. BLACK SWAN was one of those movies I thought I didn't like anymore. I mean, this type of movie, the kind that makes me want to kill myself and gouge someone else's eyes out at the same time - I thought I had left all that behind me. So when I first saw it, I was a bit pissed because it made me scared to look in the mirror for a  while there but upon rewatching it, I just fell in love all over again (for the first time since 2006) with Natalie Portman. Plus Mila Kunis' Lily KNOWS WHAT IS UP. {Directed by Darren Aronofsky}

03. KICK-ASS wasn't something I expected to like since I watched it after Scott Pilgrim and I didn't really enjoy that (the dialogue was nice but, come on, it's Michael Cera) and a few movies since Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging later have made me really wary of Aaron Johnson and his (seemingly non-existent) acting skills. This was one of those movies I was hooked on right away. Despite Nicolas Cage, despite Chloe Moretz (who I find annoying) and despite its (admittedly limited) flaws, I really enjoyed the whole thing.{Directed by Matthew Vaughn}

02. THE SOCIAL NETWORK I vowed to myself that I wouldn't put this movie on my top of 2010 list but I give up. There's really nothing better. I really liked this movie because it's not something typically adult-ish, but it's not strictly for teens either or young adults and it didn't shove the whole college experience thing unto you. Hilarious at its peaks and great acting performance by the precious, precious cast (except can I just say that Justin Timberlake kind of freaks me out? I have nothing against the guy but I'm not his biggest fan, either) and even though the Mark/Eduardo friendship was a bit heavier on one side, fanfictions helped me a lot here (imagine how creepy it would be for the actual Mark Zuckerberg - having fanfictions written about your life!). {Directed by David Fincher}

01. EASY A This movie was funny and poked fun at teenagers in a way that wasn't obnoxious. The characters were endearing and charming and I can't get over how ridiculously awesome Olive's parents were. Perfect dialogue. I'm just going to go ahead and say that. It had Lisa Kudrow (always a plus even though she's become expendable lately - I just like seeing her in things) and Amanda Bynes played a Jesus-loving freak to perfection. Emma Stone has the best facial expressions ever. I am looking forward to any and all of her future projects just for her awesome, pretty, spectacular face. The dialogue was fantastic, Penn Badgley didn't bother me a bit and for all it's worth, it's not a typical teenage movie. It had a point AND it actually made people laugh. {Directed by Will Gluck}

Note: I have a friend who has this exact same list (although not in my order) except she had included Shutter Island and she asked me what I had against that movie. Nothing. I just didn't enjoy it.

Is it sad that I didn't read any good books this year? I mean, I didn't get a chance to actually go to the bookstore and browse and look through things and pick something someone had suggested or something I had heard had garnered great reviews. I am ashamed to admit all this because every time I hear someone name a Grade C YA book as their favorite book of all time, I will laugh at them in my head. I kind of got sidetracked with TV and music and a whole load of other crap this year that I didn't really make any time for reading, which is sad. I know I won't have all the time in the world in 2011, but I'm hoping to get my reading on the minute PMR is over and done with.

I was browsing through the Fandom Picspams community on LiveJournal the other day and I sort of, maybe, perhaps found my musical soulmate (except for the whole KPop thing - I can understand if you like it but honest to God, what the fuck are they saying, do you even understand all of it? Music is universal, sure, but I can't get over the fact that all of their words are foreign to me). Check her out. Her Top 4 is EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN MY TOP 4 TO BE (although not in that order) and right at #5 would be Laura Marling's I Speak Because I Can. I've listened to and liked almost everything on that list (except for four of them which I don't agree with) and before I discovered it, I wanted to do my very own picspam like the ones of TV and movies I did up there but that list is so beautiful, I can't compete ever. So if you have the time, just check out everything on that list. You are going to enjoy yourself a lot because music IS universal.

You know what, guys? Two years in a row and I still got all of these pictures off of Google. Go figure.

Footnote: Mistakes are mine I didn't bother to check sorry so busy. 

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