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Friday, December 31, 2010

Eleven: A Continuation

two thousand & ten

Sorry if I got any of the quotes or anything wrong because some of these quotes I quoted from memory and some from unoriginal sources so whatever. 

011. Carey Mulligan

“ I wanted to be Macaulay Culkin. I don’t want to be ‘known’. I’m afraid of being a ‘personality’, On a talk show, I feel I should just hold up a sign with the facts on it — and leave. It wouldn’t take more than a minute and they’d have room for the other guest.

I'm sorry, have you seen An Education? I know critics and viewers alike are raving on and on about it and would it be absolutely conformist of me to admit that I am also among those who would sit down all day and rave on and on and on about it? I don't care either way because this girl is FIERCE. Let me start off by saying that I read Never Let Me Go and I thought it was not one of the best in the dystopian genre, but I was super excited to find out that THIS BITCH as well as Andrew and the lovely Keira are going to be in it. Of course, the movie's not going to get any nominations or anything but I thought the cast did a solid job (despite the story's totally high plot). Carey did a solid job! And her interviews! She is just... can I just have her talk and talk and talk to me forever and set it on loop on my iPod? There's just something about her - the charm, the sparkle, the fact that she's actually talented and humble about it... I don't know. I'm glad that this year, Carey came out on top and made a lot of people fall in love with her even though she hasn't done anything I particularly liked since An Education. Bonus: I love a girl who's versatile with her hair. Carey is (seemingly) flawless and most important of all, she's got class.

010. Andrew Garfield

“ I don’t like elitism. I like open access to whoever is nice and to whoever would like to come and join. There might be a screening process of a nice test. Like going, “Oh, are you nice?” And if you say ‘yes’ then you have to prove that you’re nice somehow with some subconscious hypnosis test or something like that. But once you get inside, there’d probably be a lot of bounce houses and a foam pit and a skateboard ramp going into the foam pit and a lot of things that you could hurt yourself on. But you’d have to sign a waiver of course before you came in to make sure that we weren’t liable. There’d be probably a simulation of what it would be like to sit and lay and run through clouds. I’d hire a great visual artist to do that. I’d create a whole warehouse of the world in some way.

This doe-eyed, unicorn-faced, sparkly princess mermaid kitten doll also doubles as a great actor. Also triples as a great human being. Honey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I'm of the firm belief that Andrew Garfield is part angel, part Veela and only one tenth human. There are a lot of reasons to like this guy and his looks are just the tip of the iceberg. His interviews are fun and often hilarious and he just brings something new to the table, maybe it's those innocent eyes and that charming smile or maybe it's just that guys and girls alike squee every time he laughs. I don't know. I do know that I've seen tons of .gifs of him eating stuff on Tumblr. Seriously. I love watching interviews of him and the cast of The Social Network. They have amazeballs chemistry together which, in my opinion, is oddly more concentrated off-screen than on. I've watched him in Boy A, Red Riding trilogy, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and, of course, Never Let Me Go and while I will admit there are a few other select actors out there whom I would name Greatest Actor, this boy is good. Bonus: Andrew Garfield in a suit.

009. Kaya Scodelario

 I went through a year of hating myself at secondary school. I was bullied to the point of changing schools because it got so bad. I wouldn't wear tops without sleeves because I was so paranoid about how skinny I was. And I was picked on because I was short. But it was at my new school that I got told about the open audition for Skins and that would never have happened if I hadn't moved. I saw one of the girls who bullied me the other day. She was walking down the road with a baby and I thought, "Glad to see you're well..."

Kaya didn't do a lot this year, other than Skins (which I'll get to later) but here's the thing about Kaya: she's someone I sincerely look up to. She's not prim or perfect and I don't think she's flawless or anything (other than her fucking face - if I could have a face transplant, I'd want Kaya's face) but that's the thing. She's, like, real. She's like someone who I would love to hang out with and have a laugh and share a few obscene jokes with. The main reason I look up to her is because she's kind of my body type. She's skinny as fuck and I don't think she's the tallest person ever and she went through some problems with that and now here she is, successful and beautiful and gorgeous and her body has developed beyond what we thought was possibly possible for someone who's already that close to perfection. She can act, too. Despite the fact that Skins kind of screwed around with her character, you can't deny that there's still something about Effy - in the beginning of S4, especially, when she first makes her appearance - that's still mysteriously Effy. Bonus, though: Legs. Hey, wait a second, are all of these people English or what? Plus, why am I so shallow? Damn, Kaya, you hot piece of British ass, you.

008. Sufjan Stevens

 I don’t want my music to be religious per se but I do think for me music is a spiritual expression. I allow myself to express things, and with a certain kind of sincerity and emotional catharsis that I wouldn’t normally use in everyday life. I think rock music is a rebellion, it’s about a spirit of antagonism. I admire that tradition. But my music is more liturgical - it’s devotional music, but it’s devotional about everyday life. It allows me to transcend the day-to-day. I do what the Romantics did - they took a view, a panorama, and they prescribed certain religious and supernatural meaning to it. They perceived that, they observed that, and their work is in awe of the natural world and of creation. That’s kind of what my music does for me: it allows me to be in awe of the world.

I wish he could be higher up on the list but to be fair, music has never really been my thing. I have never, nor will I ever, understand music as much as some people do. I play my instruments well and I try to give heart to all of the songs that I've helped to write but at the end of the day, it's just not my thing. So excuse me if this doesn't make any sense. The reason he is on my list in the first place is because I just identify a lot, not just in his songs, but in him. Sufjan Stevens has an extensive fanbase and most of his fans are crazy about him and can I just say how grateful I am to be introduced to some of said fans because without them, I wouldn't have discovered the beauty that is this man and his music. I can't really... I can't really think of what to say because when I talk about someone I admire, usually it's because they have gone through some great struggles and are really talented at what they do and are hot and Sufjan is ALL OF THOSE THINGS and a little bit more. I wish there's something profound that I could add to make this paragraph less useless but nothing comes to mind, not really. I don't ask people to do this often because most of the music that I listen to are kind of sacred and I keep them to myself for the most part but since we're here, what the heck: take a listen to his albums. Bonus: I actually bought All Delighted People. Like, with my own money. Oh, another thing before I close this off: I know a song's theme is really central in the "grand scheme of things", but like I mentioned, music has never really gone beneath the surface for me and I enjoy Sufjan's music as it stands, the way it is. I know a lot of people who discuss his songs until their mouths bleed but I'm not one of them.

007. Cast of Inception

 We finished shooting ahead of schedule - in 92 days - because Chris had such a disciplined approach. He could make a decision and stick with it; and that was refreshing, because that does not always happen!

And it shows, you know - this disciplined approach. Everything seems well thought out and nothing was a coincidence. Inception was one of those movies that just BLEW THE SHIT UP. I mean, the trailers sparked some talk, of course, and people were excited because of the cast and, duh, because it is Nolan, after all. But when the movie actually came out, it was like it was the only thing anyone could talk about. And for weeks, it stayed that way until, progressively, every single person I know have watched it and have pretty positive reviews of it. I know of a few people who got bored with the intricate storylines and they might even have been slightly confused somewhere between one dream and the other but here's what I say to them: one of my biggest fears when I watch a movie is that I wouldn't understand it. Inception started off strong and left behind hints here and there of the whole Cobb's inception of Mal thing. They brought in wonderful side-characters that added a lot to the general feel of the movie and I don't know why, but I honestly was scared that JGL's character was going to be boring for some reason but all the zero-gravity action sequences quelled that fear, didn't it? The cast did an amazing job in bringing what could be a really, really boring and tedious movie to life. As an ensemble, they work so well with each other and each and every interview just sort of gave me hope for the future of Hollywood. Leo is not my favorite actor but as a lead in this movie, he didn't bother me once. The movie might have its faults (there were a few parts I could do without and would have done differently - I know of people who agrees with me somewhat on these views), but you can't deny that the cast did a flawlessly amazing job. And Cillian Murphy, MY GOD! And Tom Hardy! Just... gorgeous, gorgeous cast. Good call, casting director(s).

006. Cast of Misfits

 Can you do your immortal dance for us?

.GIFs are worth a million words. I struggled with this a lot because naturally, it got really hard to narrow down my Top Fives. Since Misfits is all new and I haven't stuck with it for a long time, it feels sort of like one of those shiny new toys that you get for your birthdays. Hopefully, it's not going to be ones that I decide to abandon later on. I think for a relatively new show, Misfits has brought something completely different to the table and properly planned, too, and next to flawlessly executed. Usually, the success of a show is reflected upon its fandom and guys, guys, guys, the Misfits fandom is one of the BEST. A lot of talented writers have flocked to it and that results in great fanfiction. A lot of really talented graphics makers are in love with the show, too, so naturally, gorgeous picspams and .gifs and never a letdown on my Dashboard. The thing about the cast that mostly caught my attention at first is, of course, the fact that they are hilarious. Robert Sheehan has really come into himself this year, especially, and the show has allowed him to be this huge jackass but at the same time develop something outside of that couldn't-care-less demeanor and his great acting skills really shines through when he's doing more emotional scenes, like in the episode with his brother. Admittedly, a lot of people die and I'm surprised they treat it in a rather nonchalant manner but whatever. If I start on a rant on the fabulous pieces of shit that is Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas, I don't think I'll ever stop so I won't even start. Lauren, Nathan, et al. My love for you guys knows no leaps and bounds (is that correct usage of "leaps and bounds"?).

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