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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Up In the Club

On Extra Curricular Activities Next Year.
Yes, we all know I need to buck up my extra curriculars for next year because A) I really do aim for a 4 flat- wait, how does that system even work with PMR year? In any case, I really do aim for an all around perfect year and B) I really regretted being completely and utterly inactive during my primary school years and I know I'm going to totally regret it if I don't buck up (I really hate that phrase, by the way) for the upcoming years.

So, I've decided to weigh in the pros and cons of which clubs and sports club I'm going to take next year since we all know that I'm going for Girl Guides (which reminds me, I haven't exactly done a single thing for my Girl Guides file. I might work on it but I probably won't and plus, who knows where that damn little white book went to anyways, right?). God, this is totally embarrassing. What have I been doing for the past two years? Getting a D for my co-curricular marks, apparently. 

This year was hectic, to say the least, or at least in was in the beginning of the year and I think I made some pretty unsound decisions, which I later came to regret. However, despite the fact that I did absolutely nothing and attended only one meeting before unceremoniously quitting, I'm surprised they marked me for 36% attendance for Interact Club. Out of 50. I'm probably going to just go with Computer Club (despite the fact that Loginy's the alpha in that little society) if Cassandra and Marina are still going for that next year (classmates, holla! I usually find that I tend to bond more with those who're in the same class as me. Which is... no strange thing, really). I heard all they did was learn how to turn on a computer or something? Sounds great. 

As for a sports, well, I'm at a dead end. Looks like I'll have to make up extra hard with my club and uniform thingy because there's no way I'm doing anything that involves physical activity more than one time per week (my weekly PE class - I keep praying, year after year, that the Ministry of Education will realize how terribly unimportant PE is or at the very least allow us students to pick what we wanted to play like bowling or rock climbing [we don't have to stay in the school compound, do we?] because last time I checked, we played handball a lot this year and I mean a lot and last year we played that stupid game with the tennis ball and the shoes practically every week). So I'll probably just sign up for something randomly, come once every three meetings so that I don't get kicked out or not attend any meetings at all and get myself kicked out purposely. Either way, I couldn't care less. 

The bigger problem is for my Sports House. I don't think I'm going to attend any of the Sports stuff next year (except maybe cross country) because I came for Sports Day last year and not only was it HOT and BORING and NO ONE EVEN CHECKED WHETHER WE WERE ABSENT OR PRESENT, we also came in SECOND, which didn't happen in the past years in which I was not in attendance. I'll come to as many meetings as I can (enough not to get me tracked down) but seriously. Please tell me what is the worse that's going to happen if I don't attend Sports Day? I am honestly no use. I will offer no such beneficial contributions and I will readily admit to this again and again: I'm useless.

Extra curriculars or co-curriculars are great but truthfully, there aren't many choices. I mean, I get why they disbanded the Badminton Club (the only sport I know how to play) - it was because it was such a large club, no one even came to play, they just chucked their thousand or so GERKO cards at the teachers to sign and went loitering around the grounds. What I'm left with is very limited. Lots of people are like pretty OK at sports but if there's one thing I'm fairly certain is not my thing, it's sports. And BM, but since I was rather good at that in primary school and I am still a genius at retaining information and studying, I think we can fix that if I work hard enough. Nothing's going to make me actually like running around and getting sweaty, though. Even if I were to do sports, the whole 'team' thing is totally a buzz-kill. I like relying solely on my own self.

And what is up with the clubs? They have tons of pretty shitastic useless clubs like that anti-drugs and crime club which, in my expert opinion on teenagers and their behaviour and society (since I am one, I do consider myself an expert), is useless since they're not stopping anyone from taking drugs or raising any form of awareness whatsoever. Or that Rukun Negara club or something? Let's be honest with ourselves: what the hell do they even do? And also that vacation club or something? You know what, school, I'm going to make a suggestion: choir, drama/dance and orchestra are on a league of their own. They shouldn't be lumped into the category of "clubs", or at least not on the same level as all of those other clubs. 

The only useful clubs this year (apart from the Terrific Three up there) are probably the Eco-Rangers (a.k.a. Tree Huggers or Earth Lovers or whatever) and the Interact Club (which is just a glorified club that gets their own uniform and nametag that is full of half-witted bimbos who 'contribute to society' in action, but not in heart. I'm sure that most of the seniors are very lovely people and some of them might even half the kindness of heart to bring forth something to the club that's for the betterment of society but the new intakes [also known as my friends] are not much to look at, not much to think about and have probably not much going on in their brains as well [or in other words, they're dumber than a sack of rocks]. Remember, future children o' mine I hope I'll never have to give birth to, if it's a choice between Interact and another club, choose the other one, even if it is that vacation club with Miss Foo). I'd like to take this chance to say that I have nothing against the Interact Club, just my friends and peers.

It would be nice if we had a... musical appreciation club, arts club, history club, literature club (they do have literature class for the upper forms but I just think that, what with the books they're giving us to read and consider "literature", they don't think the students in the lower forms are adept at handling books. Or maybe they just think we can't read because some people my age are actually reading Shakespeare somewhere out there in another country. I guess I do understand, though, English being only a second language to some of us and, in fact, a rather painful and touchy subject for those who aren't so well acquainted with the language. I still think it's demeaning and sad that they give us shortened versions of the tales we're supposed to be reading because literature is more than an interpretation of the events that unfolded in the plot. It's also a study of their lives; a microscope, if I may, of past cultures. And the language. The language! It's all about the language. The words, the sentences, the punctuation marks and the paragraphs, the ironies from one chapter to another., what the characters choose to say, what the characters choose to do and the manner in which their activities are described, what the author has to say. I have only seen a sliver of what could been about 19th century Parisian culture from my reading of the slim, shortened version of Phantom of the Opera and what I've read so far in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Short Version? Not favorable. It's like the difference between hearing the story aurally and reading it. But I am getting carried away here...), um, what else, what else? 

I just realized something. This is Malaysia. Huh. Well, my ship is sunk, all right. But you know what, dumbass country or no, this is insulting to a person like me, who read Roald Dahl at age 6, Tolkien's LotR at 7 (but I skimmed through it mostly), found the love of my life at age 8 (Harry Potter) and am currently, at age 14, picking my way through the classics section, book by book: 

A guys named Robert wrote this. At first, I was compelled to rant on at him and go all, "BITCH PLEASE" but then I realized he probably wrote this book for 7 year olds. Ministry of Education Malaysia, BITCH PLEASE.

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