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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mockery

It's now somewhere around eleven thirty (loljk, I know exactly what time it is - just trying to bring a little more mystery into my life and you can't fault me for that!) and I'm still awake because of my goddamn stomach. I can't decide whether it's being a bother because I ate too much today (in contrast to being practically starved every other day) or because I am currently on my monthly menstrual period (which, duh, only happens once a month anyway but none of you need to know any more about that than you already do). I realize this paragraph and the sentences in it are really full of useless asides in brackets. I can assure you, they only serve the purpose of entertaining my readership.

Today, a bunch of us went to Sunway Lagoon. I'd hate to go into it too much but then again I'd hate to lie since I am going to go into extreme too much information territory in a few more sentences so suffice it to say, we just threw out a random suggestion and decided to go with random people, so my brother took his whole pack (his wife and kids) plus some of his friends and their packs and my sister had two of her friends but sadly no boyfriend in attendance (because she doesn't have one - haha, see how funny I am?). I had invited any person I was in contact with and was willing to pay the rather dumb hundred bucks entrance fee (exaggeration - tickets were only barely RM80 all around and didn't come in the form of your everyday tickets but as wristbands, which is more suited to theme parks, anyways). Three of them plus their families decided to tag along. This would be my second trip to this sinful place crawling with half naked people who forgot to shave as I did go once in my youth (oh the jokes I concoct! I went once when I was around 4 or 5 and could hardly take part in any of the more adventurous rides. And I couldn't swim then.) and since I was too young to remember much, I had high hopes for the day.

The queueing at the tickets counter was a drag, of course and our country could really try training their workers to be more professional. I would like to congratulate Malaysia for one thing, though. Round of applause for successfully confusing the masses into thinking this is the Swiss Alps or something as some people really did appear to be wearing sweaters and thick, distinctly wooly- like clothing. This one dipshit had on a turtleneck. It was 11 in the morning and the Sun was beating us to death with its merciless, southeast Asian whip of heat. Jokes on me, though, as it later began to rain. I'm sure your wooly mammoth sweater did wonders in absorbing rainwater.

It's already the 29th as I'm writing this and I just want to get this whole post over and written as fast as humanly possible. I just want to hit the Publish Post button right this very instance. To be honest, I had planned to write a very detailed account of my trip there because lonely 1-hour aside, it was fairly memorable and I had good fun but right now, I'm just not feeling it. I don't want to talk about it at all so I'll just randomly string together some words and pray it'll make some sense.

The a.m. was spent wandering around with my sister because we were sore losers who decided to separate ourselves from the pack (the pack had its own packs within the pack, meaning a lot of people decided to go their own ways in separate and smaller groups, anyways). We, unlike the rest of the visitors, were not in swimsuit costumes because my sister didn't bring along hers and we both were on our periods anyways. A small discussion was had over how there should be a special pool for diaper-clad children and menstruating women. We went to that scare house place or whatever (total cop-out and I really hate those people so much, it hurts. First, I probably did no one favors by randomly saying "fuck you" to those 'ghosts' and saying... other things, too: "If you so much as spit at me, I will sue!" "Oh, get a fucking life." "This is America! It's a free fucking country!" I can see why I'm viewed as a generally annoying piece of shit. There was this one section where you had to put on 3D glasses and naturally, they barely fit me and kept on slipping off my face so I decided to just hang on to them and these 'ghosts' were all their broken English ass, telling me to put them on. "Well, thank you so much for giving me these 3D glasses that don't fit, freaks!" "I'll put them on when you resize them.") and we totally hit by every single one of their rides. Except for those involving heights.

Surprisingly, while I hate the feeling of leaving-your-brain-behind, I have no troubles at all with roller coasters. Technically speaking, the ones I went on didn't go looping all around the place but still. I think I feel safe strapped in there. After an unsatisfactory lunch (don't ask. Plus, it was raining heavily, and everyone else had their shade so we had to sit on benches and got half soaked), we went to the Extreme Park place (so much for extremeness. What, may I ask, is so extreme about archery, ATV trails, rock-climbing and paint-ball target practice?). Nothing interested me. Like, at all. My sister was digging it, though. The flying fox and bungee jumping - those are her sorts of things. Me? I like the ground. So that's when we got separated. I spent an hour wandering around the place all by myself. I even sat down at one point for about half-an-hour or something (genius that I am, I had left my phone at home). I had my sister's wallet with me (and her gigantic backpack), so there's that. An hour later, I found some of my friends and we got wet. (That's what she said.)

It's interesting, really. Spending any amount of time there longer than 2 minutes and you totally start to not care about your appearance at all. So I stripped my shorts off (I was wearing leggings underneath) and my shirt, too (tank top underneath!) and had a lot of fun. The really loud music helped a lot. Sadly it rained some more after that blissful period and I got separated from my pack again as I headed to the showers. The showers is also a very fun place as there are a lot of half-naked women there. Oh, just kidding. I did coincidentally bump into my sister in law, though, and my niece and nephew. Put my clothes back on top of the soaking wet ones and no sooner had I exited the showers that I ran into my sister. We waited for my brother and his wife and kids to finish up in the showers and headed for the Peter Pan musical thingy they had on. Free entrance so why refuse, right?

I was really hungry then and somewhat distracted because I kept hoping some of my friends would show up but they didn't. Called with my sister's phone and not only had Helena left, Maze was done for the day, too, and so were Nat's family. I didn't focus much on the play because it wasn't anything special. At one point, they had bubbles coming out of bubble machines (later on stemming a discussion on the probability of our purchasing an actual bubble machine) so that part was totally cool. It was a musical, and I was quite surprised that they had mishmashed a bunch of songs together (really distinct Christmas songs and some other songs from a few select musicals). Highlight was, of course, that the guy who played Peter Pan was so totally and utterly drop-dead hot. Sadly, no close-ups of his face. Other than that, the plot was pretty dumb and the dance routines, so-so.

Wait, I just Googled it. So, I heard the night-show was way more beautiful than the evening-show, so if you're interested in the totally hot Peter Pan (and musicals!), I suggest you check that out because all things considered, it was quite an enjoyable experience (plus, BUBBLES!). Warning: I didn't host these images myself and I'd like to apologize in advance. I'm against hot linking but to be more honest, I don't care at all. Abuse the Internet all you want, ladies and gentlemen!

Care of Sunway Lagoon's official website that can be found if you Google for it. 

Ended the night on a really nice note as we went out for dinner. When I came back home, I was surprised just how tired I was. My legs were aching all over and today, my feet still hurts when I move them. Today is the last day of my complacency, I swear. I'll start doing something productive tomorrow. Probably not, but it'll be a nice surprise if I did.

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