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Friday, November 26, 2010

It Starts At Midnight

A little update on how the days of my holidays have been, and the manner in which they were spent thus far. With the tolling of the midnight hour, we will have officially ended the first official week of my official end of the year, barely two months, school break. I wouldn't say that the week has been wasted. I did have a few minor and quite simple to accomplish goals set in mind but as expected, all of them barely saw the light of day. I did manage to finish studying about one Form 3 subject so that's great. I realize that I probably have like all the time in the world next year, but A) time flies by really fast and B) like I said, I do want to get make headway on SPM material. Now that I've been presented this opportunity (the unfortunate and rather sad departure of Qian Rui), might as well take it. I mean, I'm not going to break ground in the sports section and co-curricular activities so I reckon being the smartest girl in my form (and when I'm in Form 5, the smartest girl in the whole school) would have to suffice. 

Wow, I haven't talked with this much ego in like ages. It feels good to be back. So how have I been spending my days since the eventful Wednesday in which I took a little trip to the Islamic Arts Museum? Mostly a bore and a snore and I feel very sad with my current level of accomplishment (below zero) but I am proud that I have been somewhat rekindling the Tumblr flame (and failing spectacularly but I do love Lurking and Liking, so there's that) and my room is now clean (don't look at me, though, I honestly don't even deserve the applause - the Cleaning Lady came today and it was like entering into an alternate universe when I first stepped foot inside my room after her giving it a satisfactory makeover) (that was quite an awfully constructed and awkward sentence, I've come to realize). So I'm well satisfied with that. My hopes aren't high. I'm a very humble fellow. I know that I can't possibly even do one hundredth of the things I had planned for the holidays this year (and it's a very short list this time around).

What I've been doing mostly is catching up on Criminal Minds and Bones. Does it make me scared to go to bed at night? Affirmative. Does it make me worry less about ghosts and more about serial killers out to get me? Yes. Does it give me the creeps? Yup. Does it make me think in weirdly scientific language and sometimes, I feel the pathological need to blurt out, "well, from an anthropological standpoint..."? Yes and this one freaks me out a little. But it wastes away my hours in an enjoyable fashion. I don't really learn anything much other than different methods to kill someone and different methods to track them and also ways to successfully conceal your identity when kidnapping someone (and then it becomes unsuccessful, of course, since they always catch the bad guys at the end of the day). Bones teaches us that however beautiful and normal we all look when we're alive and healthy, we're all going to look ugly as fucking hell when we're all decomposing and stuff. So there's that. Add to that the absolute beauty and perfection of the cast. 

Just a short little update, you understand. Nothing special. Midnight. 

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