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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

During last year's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release in theatres and the subsequent days that led to that, I remember writing about one extra post per day in anticipation of said release. This year for Deathly Hallows? Well, we've only got 9 posts for November - 10, if you include this one. I don't what's been putting me off writing but I read some of my older posts from last year (yes, I have been pretty nostalgic this month - deal with it) and I remember it used to be so long people from school asked me whether or not I got tired writing all of that. I'm talking about 6 to 7 pages on Microsoft Word. I couldn't even begin to write a story that long.

So let's try to rival that, shall we?

Starting with this weekend. Now, I can't exactly remember what went on during the weekend. On Saturday, my sister and I went out (as I'm sure every single one of you to ever stumble across this blog would know) and it was pretty good. We had lots to eat for breakfast and even more to eat for lunch so when I got home I just felt bloated (but we still had room for McDonald's ice cream later on in the day when we headed to Amcorp Mall). My niece's birthday is today (the sixteenth) and we bought her (and by we, I meant my sister) one of those inflatable swimming pools I used to play with when I was younger. Oh, those "happy, care-free" days. My parents and I were just reminiscing about my pool days a few hours ago. I still remember everything, of course, genius memory that I have. I even remember that time Farhana and I finished off all of the dish-washing liquid by spilling it on the cement parts of my backyard and sliding around in it stark naked. "Good" times.

It's raining right now, though, so I'm not sure if we're going to able to fit in the time to go for a "swim". I hope we do, though. I've been waiting for this all weekend. At Amcorp, Iza also pointed out the Ben 10 Monopoly set she wants her parents to give her for her birthday and, really, the pool and the Monopoly game, I am really just getting all the benefits from her birthday spoils.

Can I talk about school on Friday? So before recess, we had to help Pn. Noraini with returning the chairs and tables used for the Eco Carnival back to wherever they came from. Cue students grumbling about how they don't love her quite that much as to help her with this. But we were forced to, nevertheless. A bunch of us just decided to stay at the Form 3 classes (where we were supposed to put the tables) after carrying up only one per person. When everyone returned to class, we thought the apparent punishment was over but someone came by to tell us Pn. Noraini expected us to help out in the Hall until English period was over. We stayed at the Hall and helped out for a full ten minutes or so before someone suggested we just run back to class. Eventful morning, all in all.

How was Eco Carnival? Wow, after everything I typed out the day prior, I really didn't go into it at all, did I? Well, the day started out as normally as it could start out, I guess. I spent the morning reading a book and being all generally aloof and etc. until it was time for us to go out and explore the myriad booths and stalls they had set up for the event. I signed up for a conference that they held in which German people gave speeches in their broken German English but when they announced it was going to be about five hours, give or take, everyone of my classmates who had volunteered beforehand wanted out and so did I. Good, I guess, but apparently they got lovely goody bags or something. I had also volunteered to duty at the prefects booth (we sold "kebabs" that weren't really kebabs and also, fried ice cream) so my day wasn't all that boring. Had walked around with Nadiah and got Intan to buy me a bubble tea that ended up tasting like curdled milk mixed in with strawberry flavored puke (so I threw that away before a repeat of Hari K transpired). Bought a bag from this very nice lady who sold bags and pencil cases made from old jeans and shirts. Went back to class earlier than 10.30 because we had nothing else to do and finished reading Accidental Billionaires: That Book About Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg & Is That How You Spell His Name Because I Don't Know that I borrowed from Divyia. Funny thing was I had just watched the movie a few days before.

Reading that (and also watching the movie - Andrew Garfield, holla!) really made me feel so sad. Facebook used to be such an exclusive place. Now it's just a watering hole for the Myspace rejects and grammatically ignorant. The day of the Eco Carnival ended on a bum note. I only got to talk to a few of my friends for a few minutes at most. My results were obviously satisfactory; the same can't be said for the sales of our prefects booth. Nobody wanted to buy soggy fried ice cream and a two ringgit fifty satay on a stick with onions and capsicum.

Back to Friday. After recess was ICTL. We were supposed to do a project wherein we used Microsoft Publisher to design our own website. I was really all up for the idea at first because websites are kind of my thing but then I realized that a) I don't have the latest version of Publisher, b) neither does my Dad and c) designing a website is so, so much different than coding one. So we (my partner was Kai) didn't even bother and it looks like Cik Shathirah didn't even bother either because she just left us to our own devices and while Nadiah shared a chair with me, reading my copy of The Hunger Games (whether you like romance or adventure or fantasy or your stereotypical, run of the mill teenage yucky books, The Hunger Games will captivate you, in a good way or bad way, regardless of your preferred genre), and Kai slept and I was on Tumblr. I did manage to create a shitastic website in which our product was as ambiguous as you can get and Demi Lovato was our main endorser person.

I don't think we did anything really for the rest of the day. While others played cards and talked, I slept (I have mentioned this in the previous post) and when I woke up, everyone of my classmates were lined up in front. It was an impromptu spotcheck but 2G's are smart and the people conducting the spotcheck were 2H prefects so in the end, I don't think anything got confiscated or maybe no one even cared.

Monday was an empty day. The morning was all right and since we had that Pn. Loh retirement thing, time flew by pretty quickly. With no time to spare before recess, I made a pit stop at the class before going to the canteen. That was when I remembered I was fasting (don't worry - my state of awareness as to my fasting was on and off for the most part of the day. I even ate a bit before remembering about a few minutes too late. Oh, well, nothing I could do there) but that didn't really bother me. There's been this whole Tumblr vs. 4Chan thing and let me assure you, I could not possibly more annoyed and pissed at the stupidity of everyone. I entered 2 Fasih for a moment, I think, and everyone who had a stinking Tumblr was going on and on and on about it as if it was the most important and pressing topic of conversation off the top of their heads. I've only ever considered people to be dumbasses before but now I'm regretting choosing that word. It's a bit too nice a word. My definition of a dumbass is someone who has a brain but refuses to use it. I forgot that some people are just actually downright stupid. 

After recess, Kai and I headed to the PR to do some prefects marks counting thing that would take more than a few hours to explain so I'll skip that part of the story. We ran out of the papers and the part where we had to photocopy them itself took about half an hour of our actual time. Plus the electricity was cut off so God knows how we survived. We did our marks counting in the back room (despite the fact that we're not really supposed to bring the marks files in there). For Form 1 students, the girls of 1F are pretty shitting problematic, if you asked me. Thank you, Universe, for giving me the one Form 1 class with a total of 6 students who comes to school late on a daily basis. Thank you ever so much. We finished the job as quickly as we could (which was quite a long time since neither Kai nor I are Maths geniuses or anything like that) and Hanna was there as well because she didn't want to go back to class. When we exited the PR, we found out that our class was at the Surau for Islamic Studies so Hanna and Lissa and I decided to just hang out in the PR. And then Kai came back and we talked for about half an hour in the back room until the PR was practically deserted. We returned back to class and I spent the rest of the school day watching Khairin, Sabrina, Nadhrah and Qian Rui play this Harry Potter board game, which was magical. 

For some, this was to be their last day of school. I don't really believe it. They mentioned that we might get our class for next year on Monday but of course they were lying. I'm really anxious to discover our classes. God knows last year was a total mess. This year, I think I'm just going to have to deal with it. One of the downside of being smarter than your friends (however conceited that sounds, I still think it's worth mentioning). Next year is PMR year. There really is no doubt at all that I'm going to get 8A's (I shouldn't have wrote that but oh well). I just have to work on my Bahasa during the holidays.

I do have a wish list - the people I want to be my classmates for next year. I'm hoping against all hope that at least half of my wishes are granted. I honestly thought I was given the short end of the stick last year when I landed myself 2 Gigih but to be perfectly honest, there's not much that I regret doing this year. Studies-wise, I think I did pretty well. You can trip me and you can watch me fall on my face, but you'll never see me give up. I'll just snap back up, regardless of however many times I fall. Prefects-wise, well, for a girl who used to have one whole year jam packed with disciplinary problems, I'd say that I went through a pretty tranquil year. Friends-wise, I am quite happy with the new friends I've made and while I'm not all blameless, I have made my share of mistakes, I'm hoping to make up for them next year. However, if there's one thing I don't regret, it's the things I said. Whatever I said this year, I meant them. I worked hard at trying to be an honest woman and I think I succeeded in that. Boys-wise, oh, laughs. Things were sucky at the beginning of the year, sure, and really rocky towards the middle of the year (when boys were the farthest things from my mind) but I think that for what it's worth, I've had one of those less dramatic years.

Anyways, so today I gave Iza her swimming pool. It stopped raining at around 5 and everyone put their swimming costumes on (I put on my Minnie Mouse one from years ago since I haven't been swimming in a long, long time) and since it had just finished raining, the wind was still blowing up a storm and I was out of there in 5 minutes flat. I had someone convinced my sister to watch Deathly Hallows with me on Wednesday morning and, still shivering, I booked the tickets with her online. After that we had pizza (that new offer at Pizza Hut - the pizza with 6 different types of cheeses) and my parents thought it was way too salty because of all the cheese so I ended up eating 2 and a half. It was a very perfect way to end my Tuesday. I mean, the only thing that would make it more perfect is if, say, Denise or Maze was there, but sadly D was busy and Maze was in Kedah.

But other than that, perfect day! I know this post is all over the place and absolutely doesn't follow any chronological order whatsoever but bear with me. It took me three days to even complete this post. I'm not normally this lazy at writing (as you can obviously tell from looking at my archives). Luckily for me, I didn't even try to kid myself with entering the National Novel Writing Month. Today is actually Thursday and I'm going to write another post. Harry Potter in 4 hours, guys.

Footnote: Since this is very long and also very boring (there, I said it), I'm not even going to bother to reread it again so whatever mistakes I've made, I'm only human.

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