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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Endings

Thirteen days. 

Yesterday I read Chapter 39 of Inner Demons by the lovely and talented serendipity_50. I love the story. Its premise at first glance looks and sounds satisfactory. I've read tons of stories wherein complications happen before the characters get their Epilogue happily ever after. You know, I just really enjoyed reading this story because the writing wasn't bad and the plot lines weren't in your face but now I really am considering abandoning it.

I know I won't, of course. I am still holding out for that happily ever after. It's just that... well, it seems like with every step these characters take, they're walking farther and farther away from that happy ending. It's like these people are digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves and at one point (and I think when Ginny tossed her necklace into the fucking ocean, we can be pretty sure we've reached that point), I completely doubt they're going to return to normal again. Every time I read this story, I can actually feel myself sinking into my depression again. On one hand, it's a gift of serendipity's that she's able to do angst to this level but on another, put a sock in it, for God's sake!

When the whole depression thing was brought up and they broke up, I thought, OK, so everything's going to get better, right? It can only go up from here. And then Harry decides to go MIA and then Katya happened (I just finished watching an episode of ANTM before reading this and so in my head, Katya is played by Raina) and when Harry returns, that whole George thing happens and I'm like, dudes. Chill the fuck out. I mean, after all of this? I just don't see how normal could even skim the horizons.

Not only that. I am a firm supporter of canon and the story's portrayal of each and every one of the characters but the characterization of Ron and Hermione and especially Ginny has veered so far from canon, I screamed out "OOC! OOC!" about a hundred times reading Chapter 39. I'm sick and tired of this. The more the story progresses, the more serendipity and her characters convince me that a happy ending is just not in the cards for these characters.

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