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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Color Me Crimson

Stray thoughts on Deathly Hallows before they escape from my mind:
  • They started to mention unborn!Teddy but then Mad-Eye totally killed their fire, stole their thunder and etc. so my question is this: HOW IS THE AUDIENCE SUPPOSED TO KNOW AND THEREFORE SYMPATHIZE WITH TEDDY LUPIN IF THEY DON'T KNOW OF HIS EXISTENCE? You can shit all over the prestigious and humble ship of Remus/Tonks, you can take away Remus being freaking scared out of his wits on being a father whilst dealing with lycanthropy but you do not mess with my Teddy Lupin. I have grown fond of him from reading sweasley's works. 
  • I really like the scenes they chose to cut and even some of the ones they chose to add (and I especially love the ones the chose to keep) and this is all great improvement, of course, because I'm in love with everything Deathly Hallows Part I chooses to be! Except for the whole Harry/Hermione thing, of course. They could have added a conversation between Harry and Hermione instead of the dancing scene. After that, it was just really hard to look at a Harry/Hermione scene the same way again because I just can't shake off the feeling that they had sex. 
  • Eliminating Dean was a smart move, I guess, because of his utter uselessness. I love you, Luna. Keeping you was fucking awesome.
  • Oh, how awesome was Neville? For a guy who only got like one scene (?), he was a bad ass motherfucker, being all like "HEY LOSERS! HE'S NOT HERE!". If you had laughed or taunted them some more, I swear, I would not have been surprised. And this is actually quite surprising. The trio and the Order members and Voldemort's clan of Death Eaters and Ginny have all said their fair share of terrifically out of character lines in the movies but I don't think Neville ever has. I don't know if they think he's totally not important because Neville is the ultimate underdog and so they decided to stick to his book character as close as possible so as not to waste time or maybe it's because Matthew Lewis is flawless and fine, fresh, fierce and all of that, but Neville Longbottom is one canon compliant dude I would love to bone. Here have a picture! 
  • Daniel Radcliffe I am so in love with you. Your acting in Half-Blood Prince did nothing for me and it hardly left a lasting impression but honestly, maybe it's because of the amount of times you took your shirt off or something, you've just grown into Desirable Number One. 
  • I think that's it. It's nice to a) meet Bill, even though WTF on how they're handling the story line, I think it's all pretty lazy to me and b) see Fleur again. Also, all the Ron/Hermione moments were very cute and if it weren't for the fact that some Harry/Hermione moments overshadowed them (it SHOULDN'T), I would say that this movie had even more Good Ship goodness than the accidental hand holding in PoA. But I won't, of course. 
  • Some parts of the story does translate better in movie form than in the books, hard as it is for me to admit. Deathly Hallows is really the poster child for some movies can do it better than books. While I can't say that this applies to every single scenes in the movie, I still think that the Deathly Hallows thing plays out way better (and less confusing - or so I hope, anyways; we have yet to reach the part in the story where they start talking about wandlore) onscreen and if it weren't for the fact that non-readers would totally get NOTHING out of it, I would give it a total A+. A+ anyways. All around. For effort and so much more. 
  • Stevie, YOU ARE SUCH A STAN (for Hermione, of course - or maybe Emma). 
Exceeds Expectations. 

What Emma Wore to the Premieres: 

London on the left, NY on the right. Now, first off, I hate Emma with a tan (T A N is such a weird way to spell a word, I actually had to go to Google to check it out). Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing Hermione all pale, I don't know, but still, in every other movie Emma acted in, she's still pale. Seeing her with a tan is unsettling. And having lips as pale as the one she wore for the London premiere just doesn't work. While I really have nothing against the dress (she pulls it off, so sue me), the overall look is a little... ruffling? I don't know. That was an attempt at a lame ass pun. Her legs look weird all tanned up. Just get rid of the tan. Her make-up looks kind of flawless for the NY premiere and while I can see where she's going with all of the outfits she puts on, I'm not a fan, to be honest. I like it enough to not burn her out on it but I still prefer the days of the white Chanel. As for her NY look, I love the bangle thing or whatever it is she's got wrapped around her hand. If that was the centerpiece of her outfit, then she did a good job, but the dress was... well, see for yourself. Hair, flawless as always. You keep rocking that pixie cut, Emma.

I changed my mind. Disregard everything I wrote up there. I am in love with Emma's London premiere look. Trust me, just stare at it for long enough.

Pictures of Dan and Rupert at the Premieres (We Don't Really Care What They Wear):

Flawless and all of that because these guys are just plain old gorgeous and who cares what they wear when really, we'll only give a shit if they wear nothing (EQUUS GUYS! CHERRY-FUCKING-BOMB!). Why doesn't Rupert get enough LOVE?

On a different matter entirely, though, UNF

Etcetera Cast Members Wearing Crazy Ugly Stuff: 
  • Work it, Imelda. (I don't care what the grown ups wear because if they want to wear then by all means. Who cares, right? She was freaking flawless in the movie).
  • Wow. God could only hope Clemense Poesy (excuse my lack of e's with squiggly lines on top) picked up some fashion tips while being Blair Waldorf's temporary replacement. AND GUEST STARRING ON GOSSIP GIRL, MIGHT I ADD. 
  • Bonnie Wright looks fabulous, as always. Neck up. Vampirism is trending, you guys. Twilight is BETTER. I don't know. I just don't do all black, flowy "dresses".
  • Oh, HBC! I can't say anything against you because I NEVER WILL. You, my lovely, are fierce and who cares if you look like a... like a... well
  • HI, EVANNA! I must say, loving the chestnut brunette look. But your dresses have been looking sad lately. 
  • Katie Leung also believes she's a vampire. Oh, my God
  • Hi, Tom! And Jade. Anyways, you guys look OK. I do not feel an insane urge to rip all of your clothes off of you, Tom, but I guess that's all right since you have a girlfriend and all. Whatever. I absolutely hate you NY premiere look, though, Jade. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but lippy is supposed to color your lip. When I look at your lips I want to see sunshine and rainbows not... the morgue. (Also, WHY ARE THEY ALL GETTING TANS? Dan and Rupert, please do not).
  • She's not a cast member, but here's a picture of Chloe Moretz who looks like a douche (I don't like her, by the way). 
  • There are other people, of course. But I am a lazy ass. Also, I couldn't find any pictures of Matthew Lewis (sad face) but I've seen him around on Tumblr. I meant, I've seen pictures of him around on Tumblr. 
WAIT! (Credits to someone on Tumblr).

All hail, y'all. (I haven't used y'all in a long time).

And we all love pictures of the trio (plus other people) (and the Mighty JKR):

Guys, this whole post was a lot of hard work. I want to devote an entire post to Darren Criss. He's just been... how do you say, the light of my life lately. 'Til then!

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