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Thursday, November 25, 2010

And Now For A Public Service Announcement

Dear people who own vehicles, be it cars or motorcycles, trucks or lorries or vans or whatever runs on petrol and has wheels and moves through highways and roads: what's wrong with having a plastic bag in your vehicle specifically for throwing all of your rubbish in? You know, like a rubbish bag, perhaps? Typically serving the same purpose as a rubbish bin but more mobile as I'm sure it's inconvenient to keep rubbish bins in your car. What's so wrong with that? What's so wrong with using the plastic bag from whatever you had bought to eat or drink to throw your packets of food or bottles in? Or you could even just put your tissues and papers and packets and bottles on the passenger seat and go all, "Oh, I think I'll throw this later, when I reach home!"

In the case of motorists, I'm unsure if it's wise for you to be eating while riding but in case you do, you'll probably just throw whatever container your food was in willy nilly into the air. So for safety's sake, how about you don't eat? 

Back to the vehicles with which you have to be inside to operate, why throw rubbish out of the window? I see so many drivers (of trucks and lorries, mainly, and the occasional bastard car) chucking things out of their window. Tissues, papers, plastics, string, some really large bottles. Really large bottles. What if you hit somebody's head with that really large bottle? Okay, so maybe there won't be many people walking around on the sides of highways, but normal roads? You could definitely hit people with the things you throw out of your cars on normal roads. The chances of hitting people with large enough objects to actually hurt them given the fact that you're in a moving vehicle and adding into account the wind and all of that is actually quite slim and I'm sure it's no number one cause of death, but it's principle of the thing, you know? 

To be honest, I don't find lots of junk on any roads. That's probably because they have people who work to clean the sides of roads and like once, the cap of my Dad's car's fuel tank flew off because he forgot to shut it nice and tight and I'm sure it's not just lying on the road right now. I'm sure the cars would have pushed it to the side or brought it further along the road or something and someone's going to have to work to pick it up on the side of the road. So, really, it's not a big deal throwing stuff out of the window because chances are, it's going to be in a whole different place entirely later on. Maybe even a place meant for rubbish. 

It's the principle of the thing. You probably don't care that when people see you throw things out of your window, other people, witnesses, are thinking to themselves, "That fucking uneducated bastard!" because that is what I think when I see them (and my parents even added in that 'uneducated' part). You just probably don't care because you're an ignoramus. And you're particularly ignorant when it comes to the subject of where to put your rubbish. 

So here's the public service announcement especially brought fourth by Psychotic Justice, a blog from which you can learn lots of things, est. 2008: throw your rubbish in your own damn house! In a rubbish bin, preferably! And read this PSA in as a cheerful a voice as you can muster, like that girl in the television in Battle Royale.

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